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  1. Thanks guys. Skoda octavia would be more than 11 lakhs. In that budget its better I feel to go for the Scorpio AT. If Tata Indigo has a new diesel AT, that would be fantastic (though we dont know if that's going to happen for sure). A surprising thing I noted is that very few cars in India have A/T while its the excact opposite outside India.
  2. Dear friends, thank you all for your replies. I am also considering the following: Go for a petrol automatic wagonr, i 10 or i 20. Since I am working outside India and hence the car will only be used sparingly in India, what do you all think of going for a petrol car ? Also there seems to be a huge price difference between the petrol automatic I 10 and I 20 ? Does I 20 really have lot of features above I 10 to justify this difference in price ? Also which is a better choice between petrol automatic wagonr, I 10 and I 20 ? The previous post mentions buying a diesel car and converting it into semi-automatic transmission. What is the difference between a semi-automatic and automatic transmission. Also is it easier to do this conversion and what are the approximate costs ? Is it done by the manufacturer or we have to get the conversion done outside ? Sorry for my lengthy questions. I am currently working outside India and hence have very limited knowledge of cars in India. Thank you all once again. Note From Admin: Please don't use other text editors like Word as the tags just don't work with the forum software. Please use the text editor provided by the forum.FuelRunGod2009-07-26 08:43:18
  3. iam looking for a car/sedan/hatchback/suv within a budget of 8 lakhs. I would like to know the available products and then take a final decision.
  4. I am interested in buying a diesel car automatic transmission. What are the available options ? Thank you all for the help. Best regards