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  1. i booked my fazer limited edition yesterday... it looks too good and performs same as fz... hoping to get the delivery in 2-3 weeks.. will post once i get it.
  2. Thank You,All of you, i has some personal financial problems as i was in between jobs,but i am very proud to say... i have booked my Fazer Limited Edition today, i had a chance to see it personally and it looks great,the blue and white combination is a killer,i am supposed to get the bike in 2-3 weeks,so will post once i get it. Thank you very much all of you for your valuable opinions.
  3. Thanks Varun for your opinion.... i think i will go with Fazer...i actually took a test drive of Pulsar 220 day before...hell its fast & 2k cheaper than Fazer but again with the mileage sticking around 30 kmpl...and being a YAMAHA Fan i would go for Fazer...still not sure as i haven't had a Test Drive...once i will...will let you know... Moderators, SORRY for the use of SMS language...henceforth i will be careful while posting and will go through the RULES once again.
  4. thanx for the quick reply winner,but,what is the mileage that i would get in a city like mumbai...?? POST EDITED: USE OF SMS LANGUAGE IS FORBIDDEN. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE FURTHER POSTINGCYRUS432009-07-25 08:44:40
  5. Dear All, I am a newbie here,i am planning to buy a bike in the month of August,i am confused which bike to buy.??? I had a chance to see the new Yamaha Fazer a week back,it looks great...i have been a Yamaha Fan all my life..i had a 1986 RX-100 (Japan Engine) which i loved. My close friend has an Apache RTR 160 which he bought last year...i like that bike too....and gives decent mileage around 40-42 kmpl. I also like the performance of Unicorn, but i personally do not like Pulsar,Hunk,etc... So i m left with; 1) Fazer - Great looks,Not sure about the mileage,i think it is slightly overpriced. 2) Apache RTR 180 - Again not sure about the mileage as it is 180,i do not like the whole idea of having rear disk brakes, 3) Unicorn - which is great bike...but lacks digital tachometer,speedometer,etc. i am confused pleas help...pleas suggest a nice bike...i would personally go for FAZER but i do think it is slightly u think its worth..i have never doubted the pleasure of riding a Yamaha but...not sure how it will affect my purse.. Thank You... POST EDITED: USE OF SMS LANGUAGE IS FORBIDDEN. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE FURTHER POSTINGCYRUS432009-07-25 08:44:04