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  1. PalioDDiS vs Swift DDiS

    Yes ,Fiat is giving its good build quality technique and modern technology so it will allow.
  2. Grooves in your engine.

    good link it will improve power and economy.
  3. PalioDDiS vs Swift DDiS

    Palio will be more in demand because it is cheaper than Swift and can be seen used as an alternative to Indica ,if pricing are right.
  4. Turbonator

    I visited this site but does it have an ISI mark or ISO certification.
  5. Chevy's good hatches have not fared well!

    I have test driven the U-VA in the city and it is very good .Smooth ride with easy overtaking less road noise and a good feel. Well the circular theme is not good it makes you feel irritated but its better than Getz. I did not shortlist it because it is priced high.
  6. Hero Honda or Bajaj. which one is better

    Tvs and HH are the best.

    Will it have some cool cars or is it just performance kits. What will the entry fee and will there be parking provided.
  8. Future Improvement for P-220

    The brakes of 220 are fine even the rear but we tend to think that the rear brake (disc)should be as good as front but if can never be as the weight distribution on each brake is different .If you want more bite to the rear brake then install double or triple callipers mostly found on superbikes.
  9. Rear versus front wheel drive

    BMW has rear wheel drive but do Audi and Merc have RWD.
  10. Why are we taken for granted?

    Even if we don't care about our safety they should not cheat us .They should be fair with those who want safety.
  11. One thing bad about Suzuki

    One bad thing Suzuki is not offering attractive discount on Swift.
  12. Hyundai i10/Pa Launched @ 3.39-3.98 lakhs

    Very good FRG nice picture ,the gear box is located nicely to give good space like that of CR-V.
  13. Future Improvement for P-220

    Well rssh you pointed out right there is no competition for the Pulsar 220 even the Karizma is dated and we have no choice but to go for it. I agree that pulsar 200 is better than 220 and I have rarely seen Pulsar 220 on road.