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  1. cousin booked a black Ninja.. (250) just waiting for her... i'll be buying a R15...decided.. wanted Ninja...but cant spend too much as just got a Chevy Cruze from dad on Diwali.. R15 will be my first bike.. <3 ps- lets keep this thread going on...will keep updating on bikes for 18 year olds... so that, more young adults refer here before deciding..thanks a lot guys..
  2. mum was saying the same thing.. lol. i'm waiting for Ninja... The new ZMA is not that appealing.. Ninja or R-15 for me then... thanks a lot guys..
  3. yea, i'm waitin thanks for the help... really lookin forward for New Karizma and Ninja..
  4. That white ZMA is a modified OLD ZMA. The body is the same....It's only some cheap modification done to it like front fairing, split rear grab rails which on looking doesn't seem like they are made for that bike...(not fitted properly)and which are exactly like Pulsar's. Look closely at the front indicators, they are also the same, it's just that fairing which has covered some part of the indicators and the head light.
  5. hahahaha.... i'll modify the question... New Question- should i go for R15 or is there any other good bike hitting the markets in 3-4 months? which looks sporty (eg- R-15, R-125, R-6) with a less powerful engine - 150cc - 300cc.... (eg- R-15) and costs under 3 lakhs. Thanks for any help guys... btw, you all are pretty funny!
  6. WILL THEY COME? or are these rumours? i can wait for 3-4 months ...
  7. Stunner or Pulsar 180...i guess it will exceed the budget by 5000-6000.
  8. i can't get those bikes... Sharash.. small engines is what i want... lol..
  9. R-15 because i want to a bike just for the sake of having one. Will use my car most of the time... but for chilling out in markets n stuff, i'll use the bike. So my dad is not keen on giving me a top-notch bike. I don't want 1000+ CCs .... i want 150-300 CC bike... I heard, R-6 and Ninja would come in small engines than usual ... that is why i was asking..should i wait? will they really come?
  10. lol, I wish! Bike should be an INDIAN LAUNCH! ... i already mentioned that.
  11. hello everyone. Please help, i'm stuck. i'm 18 and my dad has promised me to gift a bike.. He says that the bike should be Indian (launched in India), as he doesn't want to run everywhere in search of it's spare parts in future. MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM, and i don't want to travel long distances so, I DON'T CARE ABOUT COMFORT. i like R-15 as it has a sporty look and feel. i don't like FZ series, Pulsars and Apache RTR. the problem is that should i wait for any future launches or go for R-15? i heard some rumours about Ninja, R-6 and CBR launching in India, is this true? i would love to buy one of those.. Are they really coming to India? how much time should i wait? P.L.E.A.S.E H.E.L.P!