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  1. Nissan Micra

    Fiat Punto looks REAL VALUE FOR MONEY after looking at prices/features of New Micra.
  2. Cars that'll boom if launch'd in India

    Exhaustive collection bala...great.... :)
  3. Xylo Pickup

    This looks really Good & Better replacement for the sober looking MAXX pick-up..... Except the Cargo area, which could have been better upmarket.... Should sell in Big numbers.........
  4. New mini-SUV - Uno Way, Uno to hit roads in Dec'10

    Fiat india has denied this above report saying " They do not have any plans for new novo uno " for India.
  5. Nissan Micra: Diesel bookings start(pg7)

    Rs. 395,000/ex-showroom for a entry level micra -- this is too much... Now we can understand why Hyundai said " THEY ARE NOT AFRAID OF MICRA - BUT WORRIED ABOUT GOOD SALES OF FORD FIGO " We don't need Air-Bag in a entry level model atleast.
  6. Next Gen Mahindra

    ARIA competition is getting ready .... Believe this will go to US & EU apart from African countries..... bossottoelango2010-05-16 08:44:06
  7. Missed opportunities!

    European Manufacturers's common Mindset is that they always wish to command a premium price for their products and they fear they may loose their image if they price their products at affordable values. This way they loose competitiveness inspite being experts in great design & cutting edge manufacturing. bossottoelango2010-05-16 08:42:01
  8. Mahindra buys Ssangyong

    Mahindra if Succeds in getting Ssangyong Soon, may use this above prototype model mated with a MHawk engine to debut in US. Perfect combination SUV to enter USA. These kind of mid range SUV which consumes less gas (also costing less) are in great demand in USA after the recession.
  9. Honda Jazz : Jazz X etc.

    Honda is still making huge profits with JAZZ anyway even at this discount price... They gain valuable Customer feedback ( Useful for their upcoming Small car ) & getting their R & D expenses paid up by the Customer's by way of exhorbitant price of JAZZ --- all free of cost. JAZZ Customers became SCAPE GOAT's in India Unfortunately.
  10. Mahindra buys Ssangyong

    Source: If Mahindra Suceeds in acquiring Ssangyong, we should be able to see world class SUV coming to India at affordable rates... Good Luck...
  11. Tata Nano bookings to Re-Open by May

    Happy to see we will be getting Nanos in large numbers....
  12. Swift gets 1.2litre k series engine

    Maruti has disappointed its Customers very badly by not passing on the excise benefit of Rs. 40,000/- on SWIFT. If this what every car manufacturer plans to do in future, the whole excise duty concession given by the government itself becomes meaningless..... check the link for more news -
  13. Want suggestions to buy a new Jeep for ou

    MM Major will be right choice for your kind of terrain.... It has seen all kind of roads under terrific driving & weather conditions all these years...... PROVEN HERO..... h a p p y b u y i n g.......
  14. ETiOS - Compact Sedan

    Fully inspired by Logan, This Sedan will acheive what Logan failed to do.... Logan was concieved as low cost car ...but improper pricing / heavy imported content played havoc.... Expect pricing of Etios Sedan to be around 6 to 8 lac.....
  15. Skoda to Reposition- Fabia(3.7-4.5L)&Octy(7.6-10L)

    This link should clear all apprehensions.........