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  1. hey guys - thanks for the post. I finally went for the Civic. The convenience of an A/T tranny prevailed over the enthusiast in me. Most dealers here are giving insurance free at the moment for the current Civic A/T. I know the facelift is round the corner but didnt take if for the following reason: With facelift will be price increase plus the existing insurance freescheme will discontinue. I suspect the price increase will be at least 40,000 (just my sense ... no tangible data to believe this) - combined with the insurance free scheme thats a difference of 90,000 (at least) in purchase price. The changes being brought in are not worth that price diff for me at least. I also managed to get the dealer to throw in mats, sunfilm and polish in addition to insurance free. Overall seemed a good deal to me rather than the new one. Main points that prevented me from buying the Laura: - 2 yr warranty against Honda 4 yr warranty. [skoda warranty period is crucial given the reliability complaints and high cost of parts.] - Honda dealers were more eager to close the deal [skoda 2nd hand dealer took 2 days to revert with the quote for my existing car after promising to get back in 2 hours - I followed up once - when he finally called 2 days later I was already signing the cheque at Honda] - the uncertainty on the reliability and cost of parts is too much of a headache on a 15L purchase.
  2. I am in the same position. I was really keen on buying an Automatic and completely sold on the current Civic A/T. However, I'm completely blown after driving the Laura and totally confused. Here are the key pros and cons as I see them: Civic pros / cons: A/T [main advantage] Leather seats Lower maintenance costs (relative) Nicer interiors / exterior look (arguable I suppose) Low ground clearance (my biggest issue) - IMO this prevents pushing the car to its true limits Very small boot for its class. Lesser power (compared to the TSI) Laura: Sturdy sturdy sturdy - feels like a tank while handling high speeds Power unlimited - tap the accelerator and it shoots at any speed. Huge boot - can be accessed from rear seat. No leather seats No remote for the system (plain annoying) Looks plain compared to Civic but plush nevertheless Only Manual tranny While routine maintenance is comparable, unusual incidents / accidents can really blow a big hole in the pocket. Rear parking sensors std. Reputation for poor A.S.S - although Honda isn't exactly perfect on this front. I have no answers yet - but hope to decide by Sunday which one it is. Honda seems to be a safer bet but Laura seems to be more rewarding - if one can take some risks. cheers,
  3. congratulations. the ANHC looks really classy in white. Pls do upload pics once you've put on the sunfilm, alloys etc in case you're going in for all that.
  4. thanks bingo. steering controls will just give them another excuse to hike prices. At this point, they really need to add features without a price hike. They are pricey enough already. But that's just wishful thinking. They'll do another Honda and take the pricing further away for the City in anticipation of the mods to the upgrades to the City and the related price hikes.
  5. anyone knows when in 2009 is it expected? been hearing this for ages. i also heard they deferred it to 2010.