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  1. Ashikawa, you are spot on. One guy from gujrat just escaped an accident. He has gone to consumer court. I will update you all regarding his hearings. Hyundai is not at all serious regarding this problem This is a serious flaw in Hyundai vehicles. Since they are yet to master the art of EPS, they have this flaw. Due to this Hyundai has lost almost 50 customers from Pune. I really feel that one should not put his/her hard earned monies in any hyundai product. By the way I also have i10 asta and dont want other fellow members to go through this.
  2. Hyundai doesn't have a solution for their classic "Steering Rattle" problem on both i10's and i20's. Also it seems that the top management does not pay any heed to any consumer complaint in regards with this issue. I have seen couple of guys have gone to consumer court. Lets wait for the same. IMHO, whats the use of launching newer models and face lift's if they are not able to solve MAJOR issue?
  3. I did get discounts up to 29000.00 INR. I always drive with AC 100% on New i10 has a darker dash, hence it wont be that troublesome.
  4. +1 to all above. HOPE, they will fix the steering rattle which is on 99.999% i10's and i20's. The senior management from Hyundai is also washing off their hands from this issue as there is no permanant solution. It looks like a design flaw. I had raised this issue with autocar also but in vain.
  5. it gives me 12 -13 with 100% AC in city. 18-19 on highways with 100% AC. Mileage calculated by tankful method.
  6. Hi, My vehicle is due for insurance renewal. Wanted to know which one is the best and are there any offers on same. I live in Pune. Insurance choices are, bajaj Allianz ICICI Lombard TATA AIG Do let me know your suggestions.
  7. Took TD of Ritz Vdi this Sunday. Really good car in terms of power. Only big let down is that Maruti doesn't offer something like Zdi. What's the use of power without safety? It only has ABS and that too as an option.
  8. I have seen this car in Pune and agree with durango that interiors are big let down. If I had to buy, I would rather choose Captiva LTZ auto over Santa Fe. Also Hyundai's customer service is deteriorating day by day.
  9. Yesterday I got a call from West region Office from Ms Swapna. (Contact Number --912240969000 saying that we will look into it. Then I asked for her senior contact, where she fumbled and I threatened her to go to consumer court. Here are some points from this email You had signed the delivery note at M/S Kothari Hyundai clearly accepting the terms and conditions of agreement of the delivery. (Delivery signed note in possesion of the dealer). Amit -- Everyone signs such documents. However the cheated person comes to know after he has been cheated. This doesnt mean the case should be rested. Thats the reason Consumer Court service is available. Also in India people are not aware otheir rights hence such problems occur. Just imagine, I was in US and have had filed a complaint agains hyundai. Amit -- This was never answered. Stupid political answer was sent. THIS IS NOT SOLVED AND I NEED THIS. The first complaint I put in was around october 3rd 2009 to be precised. Ms shweta replied back saying, we will see. As I mentioned a political answer, nothing concrete. May we also clarify that as per the terms and conditions of the warranty policy
  10. Dear All, I purchased my i10 auto asta 10 months before. However, I had series of problems, 1. Immobilizer missing 2. Steering rattle 3. rack noise and now fresh one LEAKAGE in sunroof. Most strange thing is A.S and .S. guys in Pune dealer don't know how to fix the problem. I had asked autocar also to take this matter with hyundai. However in vain. I am really frustrated and moreover helpless. Do let me know if you have any good suggestions.
  11. Thanks Doctor. Just let me know whether I am correct for -- Planning to go for 5.5J alloys with PCD=100 and offset=38, Keeping the same stock tires.
  12. Well my mistake. Its Palio 1.6 sports The tires were washed. amiti2010-07-21 10:23:19
  13. Gear knob Keyless entry Good ORVMS Stereo is good for car of this size Sunroof -- No option, but comes by default on asta version Sunroof from inside of car Skinny car tire -- Doesnt really go with the car. Planning for alloys of 13" and 175/70 R13 tires from michelin Weak headlamp. However using the headlamp levelling device I am able to change the focus.
  14. Car exteriors Car exterior 2 Interiors Leather seats Leather seats rear Odo clocked till today
  15. I will try to keep it short and sweet. Exactly a year ago, I started the hunt for a new car. Based on my requirements I decided for a petrol hatch. Though I did consider ANHC automatic. The options considered at that time (a year ago) were, Skoda fabia 1.2 elegance