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  1. Hi amiti, have gone through your posts regarding i10 and i20. To be honest I have liked the getz more than i20 due to its legroom. Havent driven the i10 as yet. I will take a test drive of i10 and will add my comments over it. Request to experts -- Please guide me for buying a car somewhat close to what is going on this thread. $$ Rahul $$
  2. Thanks Sir. Also would like to know the same thing as amiti has quoted, will it be a good buy getz topend petrol or could you please suggest some good car? $$ Rahul $$
  3. Hi amiti, I am also in same dilemma of cars. had liked the getz. The dealer in pune told me that they dont have any car left for sale and wont be selling it either. Let me ask the experts on this site. $$ Rahul $$
  4. Hi, I am Rahul, working in Pune. I have passion for cars. However, I am here to get your views on next car purchase. Will post it on the forum though. Looking forward for your valuable suggestions.