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  1. @All . Apologies for the delay. I havent been visiting this forum for a while. I will get the pictures of the silencer and post it asap. Also, i got a tip from another fellow bulletier on another website that using a big mudflap enhances the beat (Thump) even more. Although i am happy with the indore silencer as it sounds now, I am going to go for this...bcos this person really feels that it makes a huge difference...will let you know it goes. cheers Ramesh
  2. hdhakaita, As far as the silencers go, you probably know that the AVL engines bcos of their make (aluminimum bore instead of a cast iron bore), sound a bit different. You can still increase the decibel level of the exhaust (aka Loudness) (and this would definitely close to a real bull). I had tested with 3 different silencers , one is an indore (or indoor..i dont know exactly)..another one is called madras silencer (paramount), yet another one from Quality (also..a chennai made one). I wasnt really able to differentiate..but my fellow bulletiers at the work shop independently suggested me to go for the Indore one, and i DONT regret fitting it. My bull roars like one big lion in this urban jungle. Its an awesome feeling to be riding on top this thunderous monster. I had changed my silencer when my odometer clocked around 2200 km (i have seen people suggest in forums to wait till 5000km...for whatever reasons....I couldnt wait though..) . cheers Ramesh
  3. Thanks for sharing your review. I have a Mach 500 myself that i purchased a month ago, i mostly do around 70 - 80kmph ...i travel on the high way before i can reach my office, so i enjoy riding the bull on this comfortable speed. I have averaged my mileage over 10 readings, and it comes around to 33kmpl (with the speeds i have mentioned) On the oil leaks..i must say that this has been my single most worry. I guess the mechanics at the show room are either morons or outright lazy and do not want to fix this issue. They changed the clutch box packing (lining)...but to no avail. One seasoned mechanic suggested that it might be due to the oil seal..i have to get this checked since this involves removing the entire clutch box assembly. Besides this single issue, i have no other complaints of my Bull. I have changed my silencer to an Indore (or is it Indoor) one..I am located in hyderabad and this is the silencer that is most preferred. My bull now roars!! Although i dont get the characerstic thump (of a cast ironed engine)..my mach bull is loud enough to be recognized as the most recent decendent of the Bullet family :-) My odometer now clocks 2380 KM (my bike is just over a month old...and i usually do around 90KM a day) I have also fillted vibrosonic horns, which have a sound enough to blow a few dozen mini-skirts off :-)) All in all, i am a happy and proud owner of this bull (so much so that my wife is now jealous of it :-)) cheers Ramesh