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  1. Hi Friends! I am a great fan of Honda cars, i even drive one of them, but when it comes to prices, we Indians are at the recievers end. In all the European countries, the differnece between top end Ritz (Splash) and 1.2L loaded Fit/Jazz is not more than ?1000, that means maximum Rs 80000. But when it comes to India, we have to pay the premium for the Japanese cars. Here the difference is whooping Rs.2Lac. The ideal price for this car would have been Rs 6Lac or less. In that case it would have sold like hot cakes. Going by the features, looks and brand quality, it is superb car, but at the end if you see your pocket and value for money, i am sure many people would add a few more and go for honda city or any other car. Mind it! this is not a small and zippy car for Indian roads as it is build on same platform as older model of Honda City. But i would say, don't envy people who buy this car!