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  1. After about 3 months of browsing around, I finally decided to buy a hyundai i10 magna. I don't know any thing about car audio systems and their installation. I'm living at Trivandrum, Kerala. Could you guys give me good suggestions of different setups and their prices, both white market and grey market prices? I'm particular about sound clarity. I like my audio to be crisp and clear ... I would prefer a subwoofer... but I want to know if there are any place other than the boot where I can install it ... Or can u guys a recommend a small but good woofer.My budget is around Rs 20k-25k. Also, is it cheaper to get it installed from the hyundai dealers itself (Please suggest any other place in Trivandrum city where I can get the audio system installed cz I'm new to this place)? And will my warranty get void if i install an aftermarket audio system i my car from any place other than hyundai dealers?
  2. Among vista, ritz and i10, which car would tend to develop less technical issues on the long run (I mean after a few years)? And which would require less maintenance??
  3. Thanks Tanmay87... Among MS Ritz & Hyundai i10, which has more VFM?? And is the Saffire engine of Indica Vista made by Fiat??
  4. Hi ... I'm in a real dilemma. Previously, I had decided to buy a used car, but now my dad says to go for a brand new vehicle considering the maintenance costs and other issues of a used car. I have shortlisted two cars 1) Hyundai i10 Kappa Sportz (OTR - 4.64 lacs) 2) Tata Indica Vista Saffire Aura (OTR - 4.33 lacs) My problem is that I'm a BIG guy (over 6ft 1inch tall). The Indica Vista is the bigger car out of the two and a bit soft on the wallet (about 30k less). But on this forum, I have read many posts stating bad FE and build quality of the Indica Vista. Also I have heard people say that Tatas develop noise and rattles a lot after a few years. Moreover ASS and Servicing of the Tatas are questionable. Whereas the Hyundai i10 has a huge fan following on this forum stating the superior build quality and engine. And Hyundai has good ASS. [My uncle bought an i10 6 months back and he said that the Hyundai (Popular) guys call up and ask about his driving experience.] Now, I'm 55% willing to buy the i10 but the rest 45% is with the Indica Vista. Can you guys help me out. Does the Indica Vista (Petrol) have serious issues regarding FE, ASS and longevity??? Will the i10 be a better choice for the long run??? Any other choices or advices are welcomed. Thanks in advance...
  5. hi rahul1810 ... most of my friends and relatives are of the opinion that, for a newbie a used car with some kms on it is a better option than a brand new car ... i too was planning to go for a hatchback from the maruti or hynudai stable ... but recently someone told me that i can get a decent used sedan like a logan or ikon for my price range ... but i'm concerned about the FE and maintenance cost of logan and ikon (them being foreign brands).... how would you rate the maruti suzuki swift????
  6. thanks to sudeepd, anjan_c2007, swiftvxi06 for d advice ... looking forward to getting more info ....
  7. sorry ... i wont be using any sms lingo from now on .... i apologize ...
  8. i wud also lyk 2 add d ford fiesta to the list of cars .... dunno if the used version is within my price range ....
  9. Hi ppl ... i jus got ma license... n i'm plannin to buy a second-hand car. i hav set a budget of Rs 4-5.5 lacs. My major concerns are 1)fuel efficinecy 2)space 3)ride comfort 4)maintenance cost. I'm a really bulky guy n i'm over 6ft 1inch tall ... so space is a real big concern ... plus it will be used as a family car .... I first planned to buy a hatchback from maruti ... but recently ma friends said dat i can get a good sedan for my price range ... But im concerned if a sedan wud b expensive 2 maintain n also wud a sedan b as fuel efficient as a hatchback??? ... n shud i go for a diesel or petrol variant (i wont b drivin much initially ...) i hav narrowed down a few cars .... 1) mahindra-renault logan 2) ford ikon 3) tata indica vista (dunno if i will get a used one soon...) 4) maruti wagon-r 5) zen estilo i would like 2 know bout dese cars n anyother suggestions .... esp about the maintenance costs n fuel eff. of the sedans .... so please advise me on wat to buy ???? Thnx in advance!!!!