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  1. Also you will very quickly get fed up with noises' date=' vibration and high load of AC on engine. I think it should have been 1000 cc or 1.1. But sad that its a 800cc which is very bad if you have AC turned on.



    Most Maruti cars have this problem.


    Ya achinth, you're right but this also depends on how one maintains his/her car with timely servicing and also driving manner.If someone intentionally drives at a greater speed over bad roads then obviously his/her car would suffer from all sorts of rattles and squeaks....My alto LXi is 1&1/2 years old but dont face any problems regarding NVH(noise,vibration,harshness) plus my Alto's a.c is powerful thanks to bigger efficient compressorsmiley36.gif?and chills the cabin instantlysmiley36.gifsmiley36.gif.And none of the other Maruti cars we own(Swift Dzire ZDi, Alto LXi, Maruti 800 AC, Zen VX, SX4 VXi?, Wagon r LXi, Esteem LXi)suffer from NVH and rattles..smiley36.gifsmiley36.gif

    Hi swiftvxi06,

    All services are done regularly and on time through a autorized Maruti Suzuki dealer. I have full records. Also drive fast in an Alto while AC on ? Are you joking ? smiley36.gif

    I am from chandigarh and here the roads are not so conjusted like delhi etc. So I am always driving in top gear with normal speed of 50-70. I am getting good mileage but I am bored with car's internal issues, which gets fixed on every service but again starts within few days. Maruti people can only fix their light weight, low quality plastic mouldings with their plastic screwes which tend to get bad very soon. I am suggesting you to go for Spark and you will not regret as its far better than Alto anyday. Some pros and cons:

    1. Spark is newer, much better interiors and exteriors and techy stuff like engine etc.

    2. Spark has better safety.

    3. Mileage is almost same in both cars but you may get 1 or 2 kms more in Alto but that entierly depends on how you drive. This is the only good thing about Alto i can really think of.

    4. Spark has 3 year of service holiday package so no maintainance cost etc. on you. A very big benefit.

    5. No load of AC when you drive a Spark. Alto just becomes a turtle when you turn on the AC.

    6. No power windows etc. in Alto, you can get power windows and loads of other stuff in a Spark.

    Basically Alto is a big body fitted on 800's enigne with a big AC which is taking out all the juice out of the car. So there's no fun in driving the car. No doubt there's a craze of new car which you will get for few months but when you are left behind on road with small car 800 or other cars and you won't be able to get ahead without turning off the AC then you will reliaze that you should have went for something better!

    Hope that helps!


  2. Its a bad move! I think i will keep my Opel! Its far better than getting that Optra which has a very bad gearbox whcih keeps on getting bad all the time also the mileage is way too low. So its pointless. Maybe good for Astra owners but I am not sure if i'll ever get a GM car again!

  3. Hi


    I own 2 petrol cars and I am fed up now of rising costs of petrol. I am planning to switch and I had enough fun time with my petrol cars by adding gadgets to them and what not.


    So now i am done and I want a simple, clean and low cost yet high mileage giving diesel car. I have shortlisted the following 2:


    Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 DuraTorq:


    5.25 Lac only, giving fully loaded car with mp3 stereo and what not. Looks good but i have came to know that mileage is low. Where as Ford people saying that mileage is 19+ kmpl. Please clarify.


    Now there's Dzire which is good and overall also okay, but i hate to wait and the there's dealer's attitude (oh this is our best selling car so we cannot offer anythign free with this. If you want it then give 50k and sleep/forget 3 months and if you're lucky then you might get the car.) I am not sure if this is a publicity stunt by maruti or they are really not able to keep up with the demand but its now getting boring.


    Anyways if i have to wait then I will if its really worth it, but i have Alto LXi and after only 2 years it has so many vibrations and sounds which gives very bad impression. So i keep on thinking again and again.


    Help me decide.!





  4. I own Alto Lxi and i will suggest you to go with Spark. Alto service cost has recently became very high and i am not sure if its due to recession or what but it has became expensive. Basic oil change and service charges costed more than 3000.


    Also you will very quickly get fed up with noises, vibration and high load of AC on engine. I think it should have been 1000 cc or 1.1. But sad that its a 800cc which is very bad if you have AC turned on.


    I think Spark is best choice as you get the service package for 3 years also, so its very very good right now. Spark is good and i test drive it too no doubts in anyway it has better everything than an Alto.


    I got Alto in July 2007 and its doing good but with a lot of sounds and squeeks. So don't get its. Its not worth it. Better get A-Star then..its far more superior than Alto. Lets just not go in an Alto anymore. Its old now!