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  1. sure seth.will start a seperate thread tonight. will write in the driving experience.pics shall put up in a day or two
  2. So true. They have excess cash of around 3k of mine.was told that would be returned on monday, but nothing yet. Lets see......
  3. @ crazycat I have no doubts its been used for TD and spent some time in the workshop. @ greentech the apt choice of words to describe such dealers. I have no qualms about the scratch--happens. My only question is -- if these have nothing to hide then why even till date they are not willing to disclose how the car ran up those odo's.I believe if you are clean then you have nothing to worry about and they would have been open .But in trying to hide everything-the logical conclusion would be unfair play. I was promised a letter from TAFE on saturday that they are responsible for the car for a period of two years in case of any faults arising with the car.I had sent them a drafted letter, but they changed it to 'as per warranty' and sent it back to me.I already have the warranty on the car, all i want is assurance from these guys that yes there is nothing wrong with your car.But even for that there is hesitation.Wonder why!!
  4. hey sachin I agree with you mate.is it wrong to know where and how the 100 kms came on the odo?if there is nothing wrong then why is the dealer just not being frank.i too want to move on.
  5. I have no doubts in my mind that it was used for td. Like i said shall wait till tomorrow and see whether these guys revert back. shall take some good pics tom and upload it. thanks for your reply
  6. Hey diablo I have taken delievery of the car.Still talking to the fiat guys.lets see what happens.
  7. yes seth , i have taken del. Fiat had assured they would give a letter on taking responsibility for the car - yet to come. But the urgency which was there when i refused to take the car is not there now. kya karen yaar?these people just refuse to open their mouths and speak out on facts
  8. Hey swift I had drafted a letter and sent it to TAFE.On saturday i was told they would get this printed and signed and sent back. After waiting the whole day today, i finally called up TAFE and they say they were busy from morning and not checked themails and would get back! The car when driven, when i shift gears from first to second and second to third- the car gives a shudder when i change gears for like a second.Its like power going off and coming on.Is this normal in a fiat car? All the car i have diven i havent experienced this. Plan to drive around a day or two more before commenting on this. The 100 kms on the odo-there is no answer from anybody on that. There is only silence from them. Rajeev kapoor had mailed in on saturday that he would talk to the dealer on monday and revert back but nothing has happened. Will wait till tomorrow then see what to do.
  9. I shall check out with the showroom if they can do it. A very unfortunate incident to happen!
  10. The car was registered in my name and the scratch on the car was repainted back and given. The issue was the odo.which no one has any answer to
  11. Hey cartoos I guess you have not read the thread properly a.I dont care for a sunfilm and a body cover -- my point here was i have paid them full cash 4.5 lakhs and you think i want their freebies for 2-3k????? The showroom guys offered them as compensation! b.The ODO reading on the car during PDI was 26 kms.The RTO is 10 -12 kms away then does it add up to 126 kms?? c.Would you accept your brand new car with scratches on it and covered with dust?? d.No one was willing to disclose how the 100 extra kms came on the odo.If they would have explained i would taken the car and left happily.Till date they are not being open.If everything is fine, then why the silence? e.When i pay my hard money money to buy a car , then i except the car to be brand new and not a car which has been driven by all and sundry and gone through what who knows! If you find my post instigating then i cant help it, i need an outlet so showrooms like this dont fleece people. If speaking for my rights is wrong then these forums shouldnt exist. I feel i have got a raw deal.My peace of mind with the car is not there. my views entirely
  12. Hey guys Do any of you have any idea if a. Music system can be installed in the Punto 1.2 active petrol version?I guess the warranty would be void if i get this done outside, but cant the TATA-FIAT showroom fit one and give me? I am asking this as the mktg manager of TAFE told me that putting a music system in these cars is impossible!! he also said i cant put remote locking in the car? is this also correct?? But his sales executive told me that the linea music system which costs 18k can be put in the punto!!!!!! the funny thing is this sales exec did not even know where the TRIP meter switch is located , he was searching for it for like ten mins and then the car driver/cleaner who came with him told him where it is!!!!!!!!!this is the guy who informs the clients about the car before selling it to them!!!look at the quality of these people guys!! Now i am wondering if these guys ae still misleading me as they thought they would have to give me the music system free of cost along with remote locking. If anyone has any ideas pls let me know.
  13. Hey guys Got the car delivered to me yesterday evening.Due to heavy rains did not take the car out for a decently long drive.Will be doing it today to see how it feels. The main thing is the letter from TAFE was very vauge and the one line which mentioned responsibility of TAFE and FIAT towards anything going wrong with the car later on said ' your requirements shall be taken care of' which iw found to be very vaude. Called up the marketing - manager and told him this is not what we discussed and told him i would raft the letter and send it to him and he needs to sign it and put his seal on it and give it back to me. If i dont get this letter back from him by eod tomorrow then would pursue again with FIAT. Do any of you have any points i need to mention in the letter?
  14. Even i have lots of uestions unanswered in my mind.They are just not willing to disclose how the 100 kms came on the odo. I guess we would never know!Still plan to follow up with FIAT to see if the truth emerges. These guys are very cunning and they will talk swetly when they need to. Will check the car thoroughly when they get it at 5 pm and take a test drive also. You know it will always remain in the back of the mind--is anything wrong with the car!! Will scan the letter and put it up once i get it also the meeting with them. Thanks for your reply.