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  1. This looks amazing. A pure mean machine. What are the timelines of this beast? And what about the engine?
  2. I went to the Apple Store today and bought the iPhone 6. It was a long wait before Apple moved on to a big screen size. Could have got iPhone 6 plus but I guess that is way to big for me. Will post pics soon.
  3. I am looking for an iOS app which can harbour my passwords and credit card info - locally. By locally it means that I don't want it to sync across any devices, just want it to store it there itself. I want the app to be a password keeper app and just store the password, and not sync it with any server, or sync across devices or anything. Simply store it encrypted.
  4. I would suggest you to wait for your car. I know it is really tough and even a small delay can make big differences. The production of Automatic's is slow, because of the demand; but don't lose heart, don't downgrade to any other model - Just keep calm and be patient. I hope that you get your vehicle soon.
  5. The design rendered above for Honda City is almost the current Honda Civic here, in Canada. The car looks shorter, length-wise, and more ready to pounce on its prey! This is the one:
  6. dr_nishu, The pics are amazing. The headlights in the scoop are curvy and in the pic posted by Sandy are straight, as in Audi. Overall, the car looks a great gift to the Indian Car Bazaar.
  7. BonFre - Why did you cancel your Amaze ? And what prompted you to book it in the first place and suddenly cancel it. Please share your thoughts.
  8. Montreal is all heated up with the Grand Prix! Visited a car exhibition, and clicked a few pics. Sharing 3 beauties here:
  9. Don't usually open rediffmail.com anymore; opened today, only to see a news which shows that the statistics and news shown on the site are logically inconsistent. http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-auto-how-hyundai-verna-trumped-the-honda-city/20130502.htm#1 Wish the guys at rediff were more logically sound.
  10. Hi Neeraj, Looking it from a simpler perspective, I'd say it is because of uneven wearing of the brake shoe and accumulation of dust on the brake shoe's. The fact that the noise went off when you took your car to the M.A.S.S. and returned after few days is probably that they cleaned the brake shoe's and stuff and the noise came back when the dust accumulated again.
  11. Doc saab, what a lovely find! As the market for Automatics is growing day by day, Honda has a good vision of bringing the automatic version. I'm not saying that it will sell in large numbers but thats a strategy to capture customers of that specific segment.
  12. What a good write-up. Covering most of the factors! Keep it up. As the diesel prices in India have gone up by 5 bucks, last week, the calculations have changed and have showed the differences. The diesel prices will go up by Rs.2.20 in the coming months when the heat subsides. Its not in the hands of the government. They are helpless to a great extent. India imports more than 80% of oil and due to the uneasy tension in the gulf there are taxes levied there itself. Here in Canada, the prices varies everyday. In India too, let the prices become stable and maybe, deregulated, and then the up and down will become an everyday affair which people will stop looking into nor make a fuss about it,
  13. Its been long since I posted on ACI, I have been a silent stalker. Well, I quit my job at Verizon Communications and moved to Montreal, Quebec [Canada] last month for my Master's degree. The new country is a treat to the eyes, especially for all car lovers! My roommate works at Bell Atlantic and owns Infiniti JX35. The beast cannot be described in words - its beautiful - heavenly comfortable and so roooomy. I have not driven it yet, but have enjoyed going places in it.
  14. Doc saab! What a great buy - Congratulations . Now that the beauty is in your garage, give us some 360 Degree pics of the ride. No more teasing with the teaser pics !! Also please share your experience with the Maruti Dealership and the initial ownership too. Expecting alot from your side.
  15. Doc Saab! Congratulations on your beautiful beast! It sure looks macho and energetic. Seems like you are on a shopping spree. A new bike and a car heading towards you in quick succession. The keyless start-stop and alarm system is a good thought after addition - that too as a free accessory. Please provide more details about the features of the bike. I would like to see the tacho during the night time. What all information does it show?