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  1. This picture is taken from Honda India Site. City V Variant is standing on Right Side. It will come with Darker dashboard colours(also in S Variant), Chrome Handles, 15 inch Alloys and Fog Lamps (no Leather Seats). Below is the bigger image in which Alloy Design is very Clear. It will also come with Body Kits namely Elegance and Inspire (as in Civic). Launch date is 18Sept as confirmed by Honda Dealer in Amritsar(as he took advance from us confirming the date). Elegance will be: Illuminated Side Step Garnish Side Protectors Fr/Rr Bumper Protectors Back up Sensor Exhaust Pipe Finisher Optional with S grade. About this, my source is : http://www.hondacarindia.com/GreatHondaFest/Prizes.aspx
  2. He is saying so because a distinguished member of T-BHP is saying so. http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/63744-city-gets-some-civic-sense-civic-gets-new-sense-16.html Above is the link. Its first post on this page.
  3. And buddy YOU, If you don't have any pics, then why are you claiming so?
  4. I think this post is for New 1.6 MJD Linea and not for discussing its mileage.SO, Please don't go out of Topic.
  5. Buddy please post pics if you really have . 1.6 Engine specs are as below: Model : 1.6 16V MultiJet Disp : 1598 cc Pwr: 120 PS (118 hp/88 kW) @ 3750 rpm Torque :320 N
  6. Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar(really hot). Honda has decided to launch Updated City and its V Variant along with facelifted Civic on 8/9Sept(My sources-8th,SVP-9th).City's launch preponed due to heavy fall in sales of City in the month of Aug (2536 Vs 326...8 in July), apprxly. 22.4% fall. Even confirmed by Honda Dealer. They say on 10th, u'll b able test drive both(city & civic).
  7. I think u 've missed out something in T-BHP. Below is the link that started on 2-Aug-09. http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/62832-skoda-making-effort.html
  8. New series Honda City Expected launch date: End-september. Models: S M/T V M/T V A/T Changes: all 3 models feature improved plastic quality all 3 varients get a new full rotary shaped AC blower speed knob new colours S A/T is discontinued V models gain in addition to S: 15" alloy wheels normal 5 spoke design front fog lamps chrome interior and exterior door handles leather upholstery* * will be confirmed closer to launch, rest info is correct. New Civic Facelift Expected launch date: 16/ 17 september. models: S M/T V M/T V A/T changes: new oval fog lights (in V models only) new front bumper new bold grill design round parking taillights are now hexagonal new 5 spoke alloy wheel design stiffer rear suspension addition of USB port in addition to standard aux-in port deleted: 6 CD changer in-dash, leaving only single MP3 CD player audio controls will remain on the rear armrest, not on the steering wheel. new colours. all models will have a nominal price increase.
  9. Actually, I have a 12 year OLD Astra Petrol and today also it makes many new cars feel ashamed of when taken on highways. The ride quality is superb. It feels more planted on highways than even Accord. The only way to get your car moving smoothly even after many years is to get it serviced properly and get it maintained only from Authorised service station with original Spare Parts. And for better Performance, I use POWER Petrol from BP. Its really effective.
  10. Good News for u all......... Pricer ANHC is getting an update in end of Sept. Now it will be called U(pdated)ANHC and would also cost more. Changes would be in interiors especially Dashboard. V variant would also be launched but is expected without Alloys.......SAD
  11. I am planning to buy Honda City S version by end of Auf or Sept start. I have heard that Honda is going to launch its V version in Oct (near Diwali). Please let me know if there are going to be any cosmetic changes or just the Add-ons like Alloys,Leather seats,Fog Lamps,etc.(just like in Civic V)?