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  1. Hi Friends, I have booked a Dzire VDi in October last week. At the time of booking, the dealer told me I will get the car in 2010 January second week. Now some of my friends tell that the waiting period is now 6 months. The dealer also says that the delivery will be later than the date said earlier. Anyone here has any idea of the actual waiting period for Dzire VDi? One of my friends has bought a new Dzire VDi from Bangalore by paying a margin of Rs. 25,000/- to avoid the waiting. Is it sensible to do like that? I have already sold my Esteem Vxi and now only have a Santro and I really need another car very soon. So friends please advise me.
  2. my goodness. what a bunch of outright thugs. I guess this is TATA for you. poor JRD must be rolling about his grave. Could you make it simpler to understand better
  3. Hi Rajinibm, This is my first post. Your decision to buy a Punto is good since it will serve you for a life time because I believe all the Fiats are built so strong and their technology is one of the best at affordable price. So don't feel that your car is not good. I know it is the dealers who destroy the brand Fiat in India. This badluck chases Fiat faster than a Ferrari. When I bought my Palio in 2002 I also had a similar experience from the dealer TVS. My new car also had some scratches on the back and the dealer had tried to hide it by polishing. When I asked them about it they told that it was happened in transit from the factory. I didn't take the scratch so serious. The odo was around 100 km. I didn't mind it because I did not want to spoil the happiness of getting the new car. Moreover I believe that a car is meant to be driven in many adverse conditions and scratches can happen anytime at hour hand. So my personal opinion is don't worry on your selection.I hope your car will prove to be a good companion in your life as my Palio to me. But one thing you can do to avoid further problems is give your car for service to some other better dealer since TAFE can take revenge on you by changing parts. Enjoy driving Fiat. Forget all the worries.