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  1. Dashboard picture suggests cost cutting but it would be unfair to pass judgement from a single picture. Hope VW maintains it's quality in India too.
  2. And 5 doors. I understand that you guys are experts but mind your words
  3. Looks somewhat similar to Nissan Murano too -
  4. Any idea what is the monthly sales in August for Ritz?
  5. I think the lower price of petrol ritz difference is because of the sub 1.2L engine which provides tax concessions. Off Topic- What will be the impact on Swift prices when we get the 1.2L engine in the Swift for BS 4 compliance? If Maruti passes on the benefit then will we see a similar skew?
  6. This is not something new man' date=' take for example ? -Tata indica vista is costier than Indigo CS -Ford? Fusion is costier than Ikon ? the reason here is "Hatches belongs to latest generation where as sedans are not" ?[/quote'] Oh yeah, I simply forgot about all of them. Looks like Hyundai is following the footsteps of Tata et al.
  7. Hey guys, Good news- Heard from a friend there was an email from MUL to it's dealers for a 8K discount on diesel Ritz. I checked with Khivraj motors in Mount road chennai and they have confirmed !! @5u3zEr0: I see that you are from Chennai so please check with your Khivraj or your dealer before you take delivery
  8. Can you please tell us the color choices available for faster delivery. I will book an LDi this month and it will be very helpful for me. Little off topic - Any one aware of any discounts in any version of Ritz? I have been inquiring in Chennai and being a new model I have been getting the same price quotes.
  9. Looks interesting- Hyundai has i20 CRDi at over 7 lakhs and now Accent will be priced at the same range or even lower if it doesn't come with the bells whistles the i20 has.
  10. Remember the old Santro when it was launched? That was one ugly duckling. Other one is it's competitor which looks like a Brick- WAGON R. IMO looks does n't matter much in India. Some of the ugliest of cars like Santro / Xylo sell well here because of VFM which is most important.
  12. I had a not so good experience with Fiat showroom too. I started contemplating buying a new car when Punto was launched. I just loved this car and struggled to take my dad who did not believe in Fiat India to Concorde Guindy Chennai showroom. After I go to the showroom there isn't a single person to explain anything and there were 3 people waiting near the Punto. There was one sales man who was explaining about Indigo CS to a lone customer and I tried pulling him in but in vain. We waited for half an hour and then my Dad gave me a I told you so look and we just left. Fiat name is out of question now. Immediately we went to ABT Maruti at Guindy and we had a decent experience. The salesman was not very knowledgeable but he was courteous and we were attended to promptly. While I hope this is an exceptional case but I simply do not want to take any chances. If a potential customer is not attended what will happen to me after buying the car? Now most probably we will settle for a Ritz Diesel. Fiat dealership has successfully sold a Maruti to us.
  13. Looks similar to Spark. Will this be pitted in the same category?
  14. Voted for Ritz. Jazz comes too close though