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  1. hello members, heard tat ultimate aero gt made by shelby cars won d title

    4 fastest prod car in d world. one guy in our regional car mag  has written a report abt this and he's teasing Bugatti veyron...he's sayin tat Bugatti topspeed

    407kmph is not verified by Guinness world record officials and its now beaten

    by aero GT.I'm irritated by his report...I am sure tat Bugatti's technical excellence is brilliant and cannot be beaten by Aero, please tell ur views.

  2. Thanks FRG for bringing d report.


    One thing to say to AutocarIndia team.I am a regular reader of ACI from last

    5 yrs.I always liked their roadtests, you are the first one to bring report of new models....but now things've changed...dont know wat happend...

    Hyundai i10 was launched on 1st week of this month and no magazines have any reports..will have to wait till Dec issue to read roadtests. its a locally produced small car and no mags could drive it last month...even ACI couldnt do it( I am sayin this bcoz ACI was d 1st mag to bring Scorpio drive before its launch)..ACI was  showing only the spy pics of i10 from last 2 months....

    if it were an import car, say an european model ,you people  would've flied to UK and driven it, if it were a japanese...then will drive it in Thailand or japan..

    but i10's 1st launch was done here...1st time a global model launching here...and no preproduction model reports...nothing....

    same was the case with new Safari dicor...launced 1st week of October..waited till Nov issue to read d tests....


    wat d forum members think about this?

  3. Hello all, read the new issue of was good with with lots of road tests.

    reading the test of bmw 525d made few was a proper India roadtest but

     its written" with inputs from AutocarUK". I didnt understand this. can anyone clarify this?

  4. Hello Forum members, I am  a regular reader of ACI mag.

    In October issue, they've compared Passat with Superb

    and the winner was Passat. but I've noticed few things from

    the road test figures r there( 1st time seeing in ACI

    usually they'll come with proper road test figures.) then

    in 1st report page, its said that " with inputs frm Autocar, uk"

    wats this? I think they didnt conduct proper road test, just a

    normal comparison as in other mags. Passat may be imported but

    they might have tuned it for Indian conitons, so uk figures may

    change here, right? what you all say.

    I am favouring Superb here.

    FuelRunGod2007-10-19 14:23:25