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  1. I visited this showroom to enquire about Alto, and they have this Special Edition "Alto Flash" variant available with which they're givin away accesories worth 18,500/-. Now that model is costlier by the nearest regular Alto Version (the priciest one) by just 1000/- (comparing their on road prices,in Pune where I stay) Now I have the following questions.... 1. Why would there be a need of launching the best selling car in a special edition version too? Surely they dun need a boost in sales. 2. Theyz givin away a stuff worth lot more for just 1000/- extra,(which most people who are capable of buying a car,can and will definitely pay) and in spite of that, all the units have not been sold till now (at the time of typing this in fact)....Considering the fact that their ads have "Offer Valid Till Stocks Last" printed on em, and it's been a month since the model's been launched (enough time for a little number of a highly popular car to get sold)...why is it still available? 3. This actually brings me to my REAL QUESTION..... Are they tryin to get rid of their defective units (produced,no doubt after some technical error) by givin away these goodies? Sorry I dunno a lotta car-freak's-lingo cuz I dunno a lot bout car buyin as I get kinda troubled of technical stuff (in spite of readin all these car magazines!)....yet I hope someone answers my queries, coz I ain't the type of person who buys car after car, and need some genuine advice on this thang. Thanks in advance to whoever replies!