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  1. Sony makes the worst car audios. The Head units might be OK, but the speakers are waste. My friend's Alto's 4" Sonys conked off a few months back for no reason.
  2. Hi. I don't recommend you go in for a new indigo. Considering depreciation, it makes more sense buying used rather than new. You surely don't want to lose 40% of your new car value in under 3 years. The Figo is anyday a better option, but if you need a boot, and like the Indigo for its pluses like easy servicebility (not essentially reliability.), go for a used one for not more than 3.5 lakh.
  3. For such requirements, forget the Figo and Beat. Look at the i10 and Ritz. They suit your preferences to the s. Being a owner of an i10, and having booked another today, I would say, go in for the i10 with closed eyes. The ritz is an equally great option though.
  4. Road rage hmmm, I'm the first person to get involved. I always get pissed by Bangalore's brainless drivers, most of the time I control my temper, but then I end up making signs at them from the passenger, or honk (from the passenger seat, lol). I'm lucky, cuz,one has to think more than thrice, before he/she dare tries getting at me and my dad, tall and well built as we are. So, it seldom gets close to physical. And if it ever does, I'll be on the winning side, and the police are my friends. If I were you, I would have scolded him like hell. But again, you are in Delhi, the road-rage capital. My heart goes out for your's. Such situations are really painful. In such a situation, DO NOT look at the protagonist. Turn up your Radio volume with your windows up, and act like you're deaf. Be prepared. Train yourself in basic self defense, to prevent bad situations in eventualities.arkboypunk12010-12-25 12:33:41
  5. Just back from Advaith. Blocked i10 Asta MT. One White, one ice silver (blue) on the occasion of my parent's wedding anvy. I'm excited.
  6. Does your son drive? I was under the impression he was younger.
  7. If he is so concerned about our carbon footprint, why doesn't our dear minister crack down upon the 1000s of old trucks, buses, lorries, sumos and ambassadors that pollute like hell? I've seen govt. trucks, buses, ambys, sumos etc. bellowing black smoke like factories on wheels. SUVs and BMWs are far more non-polluting compared to these contraptions. Heck, BMWs and SUVs are definitely not among the rung of highest polluting production vehicles.
  8. ^^Oops I missed. it. Adds icing to the cake.
  9. @DD: We are looking at ONLY the Asta MT. Dad doesn't like ATs. @Doc: True. But my parents are saying the i10 is better than the i20
  10. The i20 is now available with an optional in-dash GPS. Basically a different Hu (2 din integrated) with a 5" screen. Check it out: Shockingly there still isn't Bluetooth connectivity though.
  11. Nice. If I may ask, where did you get the trailer? And how old is the Ferrari? What scale & brand? I'm guessing its 1/18 by Bburago. Also, what SUV is that"????arkboypunk12010-11-10 07:23:51
  12. @rssh: I was thinking of 13" alloys with Yokohama A-drives size 165 R13. @Anjan: I sure will! @Rahul: Well, we spent 3 months TDing and considering many cars including the Ritz, and finally came to this decision. I'll get my parents to TD the Micra before booking the new i10, though my heart is sold onto the new i10.
  13. ^^Kappa2 will be accompanied with a facelift and a couple of features thrown in. As always, I am not a great fan of the i20's styling.
  14. We're facing only dash reflection, which has been worsened, thanks to our Garware Icecool shield. But it ain't that bad a hindrance even in dusty 40 degree towns too. About a big car complementing a small car, I have a FIESTA!! (coming next week)
  15. Thanks guys. i) Beat is best suited for a couple (with young kid(s). ii)The i20 feel's really low-lying compared to our i10. There's the i20 K2 in the pipeline. I don't want a car that's gonna get outdated. iii) Therefore, the Figo is ruled out too. Asethi, Bhai! I already have an i10, and have TDed the K2 & i20 twice, why would my parents want to check'em out again!?!
  16. I forgot to mention, we TDed the Fabia too, but it is out of the question, as we don't want to lose on resale, neither do we want to risk the AfSS. Still have to TD the Micra.
  17. Dad's office is replacing our Indigo with a Fiesta.
  18. No problemo. But keep in mind, the font left wheel of the dodge tilts downwards by about 3mm when the model is lifted up. BTW, the models have been displayed for just 2 months.
  19. @sb: I'm getting a Fiesta next week from the office replacing the Indigo. So one 'big' car is more than enough.