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  1. As many of you know, 1. My family has been searching for a new car in price range of 6-7 lakh for some time now. 2. I bought a white i10 Kappa1 Magna in August that I share with my grandparents. Well, we had settled for the SX4 ZXi, color blue, and were a few days from booking one, when my parents decided to go in for another i10 instead!!! They just loved the dimensions, headroom, interiors, peppy performance and easy to run, own, handle and love nature of our i10, that whenever they TDed any car, be it the Polo, Manza, i20, SX4, Vento, Jazz etc, they compared the car with our i10 in some way or the other, and kept saying "our little i10 is better". I too love our i10, and wouldn't mind having another!! So, we will be booking a sky blue i10 Kappa2 Asta MT soon (don't know when, still hanging on to and enjoying the present i10 before handing it over to my grandparents). Will be fitting it with stanley leathers, Plati/Veloshce/ HR/Evo alloys, JBL 4 ch amp, Illusion/Boston/something better front components. What do you say guys?!
  2. I too have Merc 500k!!! Don't go just anywhere in Skywalk, go only to the store - MODELART. That's the only place in North India where you can get AutoARTs. BTW, I'm selling a few of my models: 1) Maisto Jaguar X type, 2) Maisto Dodge challenger There are a few more, I will post later. Each Rs 1100. Price was Rs 1400.arkboypunk12010-11-09 05:29:50
  3. The beauty's been further beautified yet another time. It would probably be a better sucess story in India, if it wasn't sold like a "Ltd. Edition"!!!
  4. I beg to differ. When comparing cars' date=' one doesn't compare just the prices. IMO, the Linea and Punto are rather VFM products. I do not think many will agree with what you have said. Of course, Fiat's cars could have been tuned better, but the engines aren't really horrible!
  5. I know the address: F27,1st Flr, Select City Skywalk, Saket, Delhi - 110017 Mind you these people are the laziest you would've met. Don't get affected by their sluggishness. Demand only for AUTOART models. Don't go in for Maistos. I have dozens and at the end I the day, I feel like I've wasted money. DEMAND for Autoarts in the range of 2000-3000 bucks. At 1st they will say they don't have any, but be pushy and actively look at all the models in the DISPLAY and you will find some good stuff. Please take some photots for me if you don't mind. All the best.
  6. I just came back onto the ACI forum after months!!!
  7. Deal of the month in this month's ACI - Upto Rs 45000 off on Ford Fiesta. Other offers: Upto Rs 25k, Rs 30k and 45k on the Verna, Jazz and A-star respectively.
  8. The most miserable fail (I'd daren't call it a lemon) was the Chevy SRV. It was the perfect premium hatch and lacked nothing, and had everything. Performnace, Value, space good looks and more. But the premium hatch market had not opened up as yet and..
  9. Welcome to the forum Doc, and impressive write up. As a baby, or shall I say, a 2-year old, the Sierra was very popular as I toy car, and everytime I would see one on the road, I would get real happy and excited. I had this little red Sierra that was my favourite toy. Please post pictures. And do not miss the power windows switches as I have no idea about how they look in the sierra.
  10. I don't think it is the same everywhere, and my case is just an exception, I hope. During the purchase of my i10, The paperwork was rather unsatisfactory, while the delivery process was just about OK. We dealt with Trident Hyundai, Indiranagar. And, if we go in for an i20, don't expect to see us at Trident. The Other dealer(s) is/are better. I wonder how Volkswagen has performed.
  11. Given what you have said, I would suggest you to wait until November and go in for the i10 Era 1.0, which will come with the 1000cc version of the Kappa Engine, which makes perfect value and is pretty sensible. If not, the A-Star seems good enough, since it will have just 2 to ferry around.
  12. I've been reading ACI ever since I was about 7 or 8. My love for ACI drove me mad, and there used to be a time when I would rummage old book stalls for "vintage" issues of ACI, primarily, the very 1st issue. And after a lot of searching, I finally did get it! I shall try and get my hands on the Anniversary special ASAP. Looking at the cover pic, Ithink there's a CD included too.
  13. I hope Honda doesn't try and make the Jazz Hybrid compete with the erstwhile Fiat 500's likes!
  14. Sept. 1999. The 1st issue of the ACI was out on the newsstands. Eleven years later, we have the 11th anniversary of ACI. Look at the evolution of ACI, right from the start, the undisputed best car magazine of India, it has now evolved into not just a way better magazine, but a way of life. Let us all get together and congratulate the ACI team, thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best.
  15. A piece of honest advice: Unless you live in a crowded locality (or) are in desperate need of money (or) do not have attachment left for the car (or) do not have the patience to maintain it, don't sell the beaut. Because of the poor resale we are getting for our 2001 M800, just because it is TN regd. and road tax has been paid in TN but not in Karnataka, we have decided not to sell it. Sorry if I've got slightly OT. If you plan to sell in Bangalore, you can expect Rs 30-35k.
  16. Sarabjeet, you say waiting for 15 days for the Polo isn't in your capacity, so the i20 too isn't in your options list. I've heard the waiting period for the i20 is about 1 month min.
  17. AFAIK, school wouldn't be open at all! Good for kids and teens like me! Anyway, the Scorp must be a boon. I don't think you would've been able to do the same if you had a DZire!
  18. Oh I'm so sorry I'm late Sarabjeet, but anyway, Congratulations. You are one of the privileged few on the forum to own a BMW. Take good care of it. Drive safe.
  19. ^ A white Hyundai i10 for me!!