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  1. How much will JBL 608c cost? I have a budget of about Rs 5000.
  2. I voted for the Indica. Imagine life without the Indica. We wouldn't have the Indigo either. Life for me is unimaginable without the Indica/Indica. This is the car that has revolutionised the Indian Car manufacturing sector. Name one car, affordable to many, that is a Desi car? If I were to choose some other option, I might've voted for the Scorpio.
  3. ^^The car will be my grandpa's, but will be used by yours truly for about 8 months & 15000km. Most probably, he will drive me around in town, if not, a driver. The car will be driven on highways by my dad. I will always be in the front seat. I don't care for th Sony Player from Hyundai, as it won't have a USB port.Anyway, I'm getting Rear Parking sensors, A remote for the central locking, leather seat covers and some more stuff for free. What is "608C"? I mean like, which company? There will be occasional backseat passengers, but they've told me not to fit rear door speakers tentatively, and that if they feel any deficiency in the sound, I shall fit an amp. and Rear Co-axials.
  4. Air-conditioning and Power Steering are standard features on the Swift in India. Bala's Swift has A/C, PStr., Pwr. Windows and Central Locking. BTW Bala, do you have enough space to park 3 cars?
  5. None of my cars have had comp.s. So I want to try these out. An Amp. and a pair of rear co-axials might be fitted later.
  6. Booking (and taking the delivery too) of my new. Hyundai i10 Magna Kappa Color White. I'm excited.
  7. Even if he does, I'll get something else in exchange, as I want to fit the Music system of my choice. We are taking the delivery tomorrow, and will get tis set-up fitted at EVO - 1. Pioneer USB HU with 2RCA ~ Rs 7000 2. JBL Front. Components. ~ Rs 4500.
  8. I just have one doubt, do you have to pay "Luxury tax" because you now have 2 cars in your name?
  9. If you want to go in for the present Fiesta itsme, wait until November. Ford generally has huge discounts around that time. We ourselves are waiting until Nov., as though we can afford the EXi now, discounts will enable us to reach out for the SXi, S and ZXi. Overall, I feel the ANHC is your best choice. I would not wish to comment about next year's cars.
  10. @itsanguine, If you were in Mumbai/Pune where service is available, I'd have told you to go in for the Polo. So now, GO FOR THE FIGO. You've made a good decision. Hope your GF/to be wife is happy with it. I recommend the Titanum for the safety on offer.
  11. Congrats Bala. So you are soon going the be the Malik of 2 Swifts!! One petrol and one diesel. Very lucky indeed. I feel the price you paid is very less, a killer deal esp. from a Bangalorean's point of view. We were offered a 2005 ZXi for Rs 3.6 lakh, lowered to 3.35 after bargaining, and a 2006 VXi ABS for Rs 4.1 lakh (didn't bother bargaining, in which case, the price would have been brought down to 3.85) So we are buying a new car instead. Sorry if I've gone OT here.
  12. We will be buying an i10 Magna this week. What ICE would be suitable for it? We have very basic requirements. For now, I am eyeing on this kinda setup - Pioneer USB with 2 RCA pre-outs(~Rs 6500) + JBL Front Comps.(Rs 4500). Another Rs 1500 for Installation and wiring. What do you guys think? An Amp. as well as rear co-axials might be fitted later if need arises.
  13. We have decided to buy an i10 Kappa, for my Grandpa, who stays in Anantapur AP. The Hyundai showroom there is a very small place, and obtain their stock from Kurnool. To cut the process short, we plan to buy the car from the Kun Hyundai Showroom, Kurnool directly. Can Andhrite ACIans give me some inputs about this dealership. i.e - like how the salesmen are, are they crooks who could give us a lemon, what to look out for etc. Alternatively, other than the Anantapur showroom, please tell me if there are any other Hyundai showrooms in Rayalseema.
  14. This one had been featured in the Limca Book of records. I don't remember the year, but it might be 2006. It is actually made of 2 (or was it 3?) Omnis!
  15. i10 IS available in the 1.1 Variant. Check it out here: Anyway, I strongly agree, that it is better for us to go in for the Kappa, as the price difference is barely 12k.
  16. Research and discussions with my family point out that the i10 1.1 MAgna is the Most viable option for us. Over the next few, we shall call dealers in Rayalseema and here in Bangalore and enquire for the best offer and if they have cars in stock.
  17. My opinion: Petrol - i10 Era/Magna (1.1) Diesel - Vista Aqua Let's see what he decides. He is calling the Vista an " Indica type vehicle. When I go to service the car, I will have to sit with drivers" I personally felt hurt, as I love our Indigo, so I'm going to give him a piece of my mind (literally) in the morning, to see that he takes the right decision. One question: Is the Vista TDi a good option?
  18. My GP doesn't like the Swift. We will see the i10 soon. Saw the WagonR y'day. Waiting period of 1 month for the LXi. We are also considering the Vista (either Mjd or TDi) and Figo TDCi. I will keep you informed. Comments and advice welcome.
  19. I would like to know the current discounts and offers on 1. i10 eRLX 2. i10 Kappa 3. Vista Tdi 4. Vista Qdj. 5. Figo TDCi 6. WagonR LXi/VXi. In the state - Andhra Pradesh for a senior citizen. Which of these are available in stock and/or can be delivered in less than 2 weeks?arkboypunk12010-08-18 18:41:32
  20. Now it has boiled down to - WagonR vs. i10 Era vs. Used i10 Kappa (We can't wait for the car. It is required soon)
  21. We have changed our mind now, and are looking at either a brand new WagonR LXi (VXi waiting period too long) or an i10 iRDE Era/Magna. Can someone please tell me how long is the waiting period for the i10?
  22. Thanks for all the advice. I shall convey this to my grandpa. The WagonR seems a better option. BTW, we have a 2009 Tata Indigo. Is a used Tata Indigo a good option? **EDIT** I just spoke to my grandfather, and he has agreed to TD the WagonR in the afternoon. A brand new wagonr seems the best option.arkboypunk12010-08-17 08:05:50