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  1. I understand sir' date=' we would love owning a honda, but AFAIK there is no Honda service station in the town where my grandfather lives. Will it be ok to get it serviced at some local place then? BTW, my grandfather's neighbour has a Jazz, I will ask mt Grandpa to ask him where he gets his Jazz serviced, and then get back here. Another priblem is that, my grandpa has pains and stuff, so it ingress/egress might not be so easy. I've heard of all this sir, and I too am genuinely worried. We have been offered a couple of Vivas, done around 50000km. If the service records are fine and during the inspection with our driver and mechanic, no loophole is found, is there still a probability of problems occuring? Instead of all this, is the Wagon R a better choice, considering perfect ingress-egress, driving position for my grandpa, easier maintenance and such? arkboypunk12010-08-17 06:37:14
  2. Bala, is this for your swift VDi or your used VXi?
  3. At least it won't give us as many problems as the Premier Padmini, will it? We have been offered cars, with mileages ranging from 48000km to 80000km. I feel the upper limit is best avoided, looking at the comments by Bala, Nish and info from other sources. Something done around 50000km should not be a worry, as per my research.
  4. Wishing all ACI members and guests a very happy and meaningful Independence Day. Let us all hope for the prosperity of our nation,the Auto. Industry, and much more. Janda Ooncha Rahe Hamaara!! Jai Bharat!!!
  5. Thank you Sir, a 100 times . I've already been checking Carwale, Carazoo and I'm also checking Sulekha ads. 2003-2005 models apparently cost 2.9 to 3.8 lakh.arkboypunk12010-08-14 17:21:35
  6. Hey Vinay, you are very lucky to have got a chance to TD the Aria. Assuming you have TDed the Innova, what is your impression of the Aria compared to the Innova? Also, could you post some pics if you have some?
  7. We have started searching for a used CRDi. We called used car showrooms, including Mahindra 1st choice and Hyundai Pre-owned, but to no avail. We went to Forum Mall, Koramangala. While having sugarcane juice, I saw a used car dealership " Forum used card" at a distance. We went there, and they offered us an Accent Viva 2005 Model 52000km done for quoted price Rs 3.75 lakh, nego.. Searching for more cars now.
  8. LPG/CNG option is not available in the town.what does an engine overhaul involve?
  9. Thank you Anjan. Your post came as a breather. We shall keep these in mind. I shall ask Manish via Facebook for more info. From what you have said, the Accent seems to fit our usage for the next 8 months and beyond perfectly. Is there any difference in the prices of used Accents and used Vivas? And other than the boot and slightly higher FE of the Viva, is there any considerable difference?
  10. The Ikon TDCI sells only in BS3 cities now. Even I'm wondering why Ford didn't push it to BS4.My suggestion for Autoholic- Manza Diesel. Aura + It is the most suitable for long trips, with power and space. My Suggestion for Abhishek: Sir, since you live in Chennai, do you have acess to CNG fuel? I believe CNG is not available in South India. At this stage, my recommendation goes in favour of Manza Aura+, petrol. If you aren't too keen on the benefits of a Petrol engine, Diesel. OT, How come you have a running of 1500km? Don't you get an office car from the Army?
  11. Got this after clicking on the i (Detail) link in the circled box: Engine and Transmissions Engine Type 4-cylinder Displacement (cc) 1598 Max. power output [PS (kW) @rpm] 105 (77) @5250 Max. torque (Nm @rpm) 153 @3750 Transmission 5-speed manual Acceleration Acceleration from 0-100 kph (s) 11.1
  12. Sorry if I'm late, but this is what I've been seeing in the Polo configurator on the VW website for a couple of weeks:
  13. We might require a used car in the next one or two weeks, to be used in a dusty town, along with considerable highway runs for 8 months. The total distance it will cover for 8 months from purchase will be ~ 18000 km. ie. - 60km/day, monthly 400km trip. The vehicle will be owned by my grandpa, and will be driven either by him or by a driver for 8 monthsp After the period of 8 months, the usage will considerably reduce to < 25 km a day, and in case we'd got a driver in those 8 months, his services will be terminated. We initially had a budget of Rs 2.5 lakh and were eyeing the WagonR and Getz, but my grampa wants a diesel car, and a car that wll somewhat look like something that suits our status, so the Accent CRDi joined the list. We are interested in 2003-2005 CRDis run about 40 - 50 grand Km. for Rs 3-3.5 lakh. What are the pros and cons of a used Accent CRDi? Is it wiser to go in for a WagonR? Please advise.arkboypunk12010-08-13 11:51:23
  14. I really do not feel the Nano should have been included in the poll, in fact its blasphemous. It is peculiar to compare and entry level 4 seater, without even a boot to cars more than a segment higher. Will this i10 '800' have a stripped down Kappa engine or elipson engine? Anyway, to my mind, it spells disaster.
  15. Talking about the Figo and Alto. I can say *The Figo is for the weekend user.(shopping, drive) Poor FE is a deterrent. Good interior space is a plus. *The Alto is for the daily user (office commute) Decent FE, performance for the performance - conscious, peace of mind(AfSS)
  16. Service is definitely better than Skoda, I believe. At least VW and Skoda Service stations and dealerships are separate. BTW, We are going to TD Polo tomorrow .
  17. Congrats on your purchase. Well, my Nokia X6 too came with Asphalt 5, which I must say is very engrossing. Which version of NFS is it? Shift? Well, NFS shift costs 3.00 Euros from the Nokia App Store, Its nice that you are getting it for free.
  18. Very nice of you, guiguiswiss, to be sharing all this with us. I always thought France to be a very beautiful land, never knew it was this beautiful. About pic - 6, Are those corals, or is it a coral reef? I would like to know the location of pic 6. Having a glass roof has its advantages I guess during outings BTW, congrats on your getting an intermediate membership
  19. I was wondering, 1. Will the Duo be available in the VXi and VXi ABS versions too? 2. Does Maruti have any plans of reintroducing the AX again?