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  1. Look' date=' I know (rather guessed) you are not ACI's 'puppet', but mind you, I was contradicting what you said. This is what you said- You say the Beat will lag behind in terms of styling and all departments Now look at what I said- I say, the people at ACI are all in praise for the Beat's styling, VFM and interior quality. In such a scenario, how is the Beat going to be given poor ratings in an ACI test, when the people at ACI feel it has an edge over some models in some spheres? Eg- If the Beat was in the test, ACI would've most definitely rated it ahead of the Maruti brothers, Indica Vista and Grande Punto in terms of interior quality. So there is non saying if or if not the Beat would come last in such a test by ACI. Lastly, about the so called 'crappy' styling, please read my 2nd post again.
  2. Hyundai A2 segment (Santro, i10 & i20) 44,522 units; A3 Segment (Accent & Verna) 5,858 units; A5 segment (Sonata Transform) 31 units. Honda Jazz: 514; City: 3565; Civic: 371; Accord: 192; CRV:43
  3. Forget 1000, nissan seems to have crossed 100 units in a month for the 1st time! M&M Total - 28,049 units Total (Domestic) - 26,303 units Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Pick-Ups - 16,720 units Logan - 752 units General Motors Total - 7,124 units Spark - 2,244 units Beat - 1,722 units Tavera - 1,546 units Cruze - 639 units Aveo - 375 units U-VA - 240 units Captiva - 225 units Optra - 133 units
  4. Er, Subh, I must point out that Maruti never offered the Lxi/Vxi series on the Versa. The Versa was offered in the trims Std. 5 seater., DX, DX2 and SDX. I'm surprised to know about the Eeco's build quality. Thanks for bringing out many valid points here.
  5. Speaking about learning to drive, my dad thought me how to drive our M800 at a deserted helipad in Mysore around the time I was 10-11. I learnt within an hour and practiced for about an year.I once thought of taking the car onto the road in Class 6(the local girls and boys used to zip around on scooters/bikes), but this was just day dreaming, and I never actually wanted to go onto the road. I am a strong believer that no matter what the extent of passion or peer pressure is, parents must never allowe their Kids to drive on the road. No.Indigo - Chauffer driven, New Car & M800 - Driven by my dad.
  6. Why its the same in my case too! Even I am travelling alone, I sit beside the driver.
  7. Seems like your son too is like what I was when I was young! My parents keep telling me how I used to stop crying (as a baby) once I was carried to the road with plenty of cars. Well, my actual fanaticism (or nerdiness) towards cars began when I was in Class 3 (2003). My dad had just bought his M800 after my constant pestering (in fact, he's buying another car for me soon!) It was around this period that I started reading car magazines, collecting scale models and making free-hand drawings of cars. And now, I have a large collection of mags, models, knowledge and entusiasm pertaining to the automotive arena. There's a lot more I have to say, but I'd type the whole page, literally to convey it all. arkboypunk12010-08-01 16:41:36
  8. Indeed.My new models - 1. Merc 500K 1936 cost me Rs 2k from Maisto and Miura from Burago, 1.7 k arkboypunk12010-08-01 09:00:08
  9. What a story Krish. It is indeed very touching. Even my dad's father had just a bicycle. It is great that in spite of your difficulties and your father's position you made it to the IIT and are now shining. What car/bike do you have as of now?
  10. No wonder your Username was so familiar. I thought your profile pic would be that of a Lamborghini. Hope to have a great time with you on the forum.
  11. Happy friendship day all ACIans! Today is the 1st Sunday of August and the Intl. Friendship day. I made innumerable, wonderful friends on this forum and hope to make more. So, let's all wish each other on the occasion of Friendship day, and hope to continue our relationships. arkboypunk12010-07-31 19:32:55
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    An old friend of mine's dad plonked an old Toyota Diesel engine into a Gypsy. I went for a ride in it and came back reeking of diesel and covered with a layer of grime. I don't think a gypsy multijet will make an sense, except for the Armed Forces.
  13. Slightly OT: arkboypunk12010-07-29 04:16:48
  14. I believe KSRTC buses run on ethanol blended fuel.
  15. Then where is the driver's door?
  16. Oh-no, please, why Estilo. Its not comfortable, not spacious, not enough boot space, nothing. The basic thing a Taxi should have is lots of & comfort, 2.low running cost & 3.reliability.the 1st point is of utmost importance. I believe the boot space of the Estilo is on par with the new wagon-r's. Eeco is the ideal taxi, I agree, but defiantly, not just definitely not the ritz. Almost everyone except 2 guys think so. arkboypunk12010-07-26 17:11:16