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  1. Fortuners look way better when covered in mud. I can't wait to be old enough and handle mudpluggers.
  2. He's wasted his money. The difference between LS and LT is Rs 50000. He's wasted all his money. Now the difference is Rs70000! If he'd gone in for the LT, he wouldn't have to fit too much after market stuff, and would have sated Rs20k!!! BTW, I think 3.81 was the ex-showroom price.
  3. Wow! A thar! And you found a leech on your leg didn't you?
  4. Wow! 33 on the Fiesta, and 44 on the Manza. Hope Tata uses this in their ad campaigns. BTW, I read that Chetan Maini (From Reva) designed a 'car' that gave 400kmpl while in Univ.
  5. Sunroof? Why? Horrible crash. I too sawan accident occouring today.
  6. Shocking kind of price. I think Taxi-guys will buy this. Any idea about petrol price?
  7. This guy Mr.Kapil Sibal has many good ideas, but he hasn't implemented all of them right. He has made my (and that of all 9th and 10th Std.) students miserable. Nevertheless, I must say this touchscreen device is rather interesting. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Hope the touch sensitivity is not bad,. arkboypunk12010-07-25 09:20:27
  8. Plenty of DZire and Swift Taxis are on hire in Bangalore. Check this: Permits are also legal. DZires aer part of the Tourism Department call taxi fleet in BAngy. Altos and WagonR are used as black +yellow taxis in mumbai. I've seen some in Bangy also.
  9. OT: Charan you joined almost 2 years ago yet these were your 1st 2 posts??
  10. There are people with really low usage buying diesels. So Average kya hai is too common. Well, about the ad. There is no direct insult towards Indians, in fact MS would never want to do that, but then, it indirectly, rather not on purpose, showcases the typical indian mindset.
  11. A week after booking? 25k discount? Was it lying in stock or fresh from the factory?
  12. Nice to know that they are taking good care of their PP. What I did today: 1. Went to a Ford Dealership: Dad was impressed by the Figo. His impression about the Fiesta (which he has used on a couple of 150km journeys) also improved. 2. Went to a Skoda Dealership. The 1.4 Petrol has been discountinued long back, we were told. We where offered the top-end Fabia 1.2 BS3 Elegance for just Rs 6 lakh after mouth watering Rs60000+ discounts! As the cars are of BS3, and Skoda TASS is better less talked about, we aren't too keen. 3. Watched Inception at Fame. A thrilling movie, I must say. 4. Shopped at Big Bazaar (rather had to sit somewhere browsing the net on my phone, while my parents shopped to their content). 5. Bought my self some plastic indian scale models at Big Bazaar itself.
  13. Hey BF I think our laptops are of similar models.
  14. Nice Reveiw. So you have the top-most version of the i10. Great pics I must admit.
  15. Somebody who wants to buy a Malibu, can earn $250 by 'driving' the Kizashi!
  16. Welcome. Please go through the Announcements section.
  17. The 1st of the Auto Arts, specially for Cyrus: More pics to follow shortly. Sorry for the delay Cyrus. Each model costs Rs4000 and above. I'm planning to buy the Miura. arkboypunk12010-07-22 15:42:41
  18. All the best dude winner. Glad to see you getting your DL soon!
  19. Wow! That's one beast of a jeep! What scale is it? How much did it cost??