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  1. I getting the i10 kappa in electric red, buying the magna version coz I do not like the music system output in sportz. d I plan to get leather seat covers, Fogs and ICE done outside.
  2. Right now, there are the following discounts on i10 magna kappa- 1. free insurance 2. 4000 corporate discount 3. (free kenwood HU + front speakers ) or cash discount of 5000. 4. basic freebies
  3. I have also added maruti suzuki swift to the list of short listed cars :-P I will be needing this car for city driving, mainly to commute around 500 km/month in Bangalore city. I might take it out occassionally for short highway trips, say once in 4 months. I need a car which is suitable for this, I am a sedate driver, so wont be vrooming much.
  4. Sorry for the error in the post topic: It should have been Indica Vista aura safire vs fiat grande punto1.2 active vs indigo CS glx
  5. I am planning to buy a petrol hatchback and after lots of thinking and research I have shortlisted 3 cars: 1. Fiat grande punto 1.2 active (Front power windows, spacious boot, awesome looks to say the least, FIAT build) 2. Indica Vista safire aura (fully loaded, with all power windows, fog lamps, body color ORVM ,rub rails and door handles , ICE, rear defogger and demister) 3.Indigo CS glx (Fully loaded, minus ICE) Both punto and Vista share the same heart in the sense powered by the FIRE 1.2 engine from FIAT. Indigo CS gives the feel of a sedan. This car will be mostly driven by me in Bangalore city and for occasional getaways on the highway. Which of the above cars is best suitable for lady diving? Is the extra 40K worth paying for punto when compared to the fully loaded vista or indigo CS? Both vista and indigo have a discount of around 16-17k on OTR. Whereas the Punto has about 8k and no freebies I am confused. Plz help me decide on my first car
  6. congrats ... good that you decided. since u ve decided on santro, do enquire what the new model has in offer for you.
  7. Personally, I wouldnt go for a GM car. Service issues and spares are not available easlly available. They said sales are low so they are offering a discount of 47000 on the otr. Spark ls costs 376000 otr after discount
  8. I ve enquired from all dealers actually as i have checked out most of the cars in the showrooms and eliminated them one by one.
  9. I would love to look at the punto, but @4,60,000 otr in bangalore, its out of my budget
  10. its a personal opinion, but i dont really like the exteriors of zen estilo, and the rear leg room is very less. they do not seem to have changed the exteriors much. take a sneak peek of the new estilo @
  11. I am really confused as well. I dont like the looks of i10[and i feel it is overtly priced], and astar is too cramped. I am planning to go either for Vista safire [shapur kotwal, one of the men behind this website and autocar magazine vouched for it!!]or palio stile 1.1. Both are good vfm and they have a nice driving comfort and decent FE. I will check out the new version of santro as well. I am planning to get the base version [ac n pwr steering] and get my accessories ,ICE and alloys elsewhere. The dealer provided ones are not that gr8 and they are doubly priced as well. I really liked the getz.. shame that its been discontinued. If you are really game for santro, you can call Mr Vinay(mgr corporate sales-advaith hyundai) @ 9845123334
  12. getz gle1.1 which was 4.2 lakh otr in bangalore is no longer in production and is discontinued from last week...I was planning to buy that too.
  13. both trident and advaith are getting stingy on discounts.. on i10 era, they are offering free insurance and 3500 corporate discount. I think this is way too less because i10 era has the old santro engine. waiting period is not much for santro...a week or 10 days at the most. But if you are planning to buy the new version, then its a wait and see situation
  14. I agree about the comaprison being far fetched santro gls is a good choice, but i think you could wait for a fortnight. the sales consultant of advaith hyundai in residency road said a new version of santro is coming up this month end. He was not sure what the added features were since hyundai has not made an official release. You could call them and check out though. what discount are they offering on santro gls? and which dealer are you planning to buy the car from?
  15. the basic version of i10 era costs about 435000 otr in bangalore and i20 is way above 5lakh...