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  1. One time tax has been there for a decade or more. There is nothing new about it.
  2. Congrats on the Micra. She is a lovely city runabout.
  3. The family nose on the Touareg looks a little out of place IMHO. And those wheels are a joke. Apart from that, one can expect poor sales from this capable and fantastic vehicle as usual.. Sad.
  4. I didn't know you were looking for a new car. Lock stock and Barrel go in for a Figo. Infact, we are seriously considering buying a new one ourselves!
  5. NAah. I would vote for the Mighty XK-RS!
  6. Maruti Suzuki organized a well awaited Autocross as a part of the Autocar India Performance show 2011. Northern Motorsports helped organized it. I am proud to announce that I won the award for the following: FASTEST TIME OF THE DAY SET BY A NOVICE. And also FIRST PLACE: UPTO1150cc Amateur Stock category Here is the car I managed it in!
  7. I just cannot come to terms with this one. I have seen it in the flesh and it looks ugly no matter what.
  8. Well, from your thread, I only want to ask you one simple question. Do you want something luxurious and for city and highway use or do you want something basic and tough?? If your answer is the first option, and you don't mind the Tata BRand, The Aria is unbeliavably comfortable as a cruiser and it looks decent too. BUT, it is trumped by the XUV. If you don't mind waiting, WAIT for the XUV. It is an all rounder for sure. And of course, if you don't mind 5 seats, the YETI is the one for you. If you can stretch a little bit more, Get the BMW X1. Trust me, you will never regret it!!! If you want a hardcore off roader though, the Thar seems to be the only logical solution for you, unless of course Tata launches the Defender soon, but that will never meet the price advantage of a Thar. It will probably be launched at plus 20lakh from what we hear. So it is your call at the end. If it was my choice, I would wait till I had a bit more dough and buy the X1... CYRUS432011-10-31 12:54:12
  9. OUCH!! Deja-Vu indeed here. I had exactly the same experience with my DIO. And I still am surprised how bad my Dio is!! An Engine rebuild at 12000kms. Can you believe that!!!
  10. Is it me or does this just not look like a better looking Micra?? Im confused now!
  11. Thew Jazz has a better seating position, under thigh support and overall seating space than the Wagon r. Have you taken a test drive yet
  12. Just get the standard taillights instead. These are prone to alot of problems.
  13. I presume this is petrol, so here is my opinion: 1. Swift Petrol. Buy this if you want to be a part of the herd. Yes, it is a good car, but everyone has it. IT does have resale value though and will hold out better than anything else. Buy this with your MIND. 2. Fiat Punto. As much as I would LOVE to see another punto being bought, the petrol isnt that great a car. BUT, it does have oodles of soul. And it is the best looking. What I would buy though, is the JAZZ!! at the new price, it is a steal! A lovely balanced product that looks good and is spacious and lovely to drive. And it is a Honda so mechanically it is bulletproof. although it might not carry its resale as well as the Swift will.. My suggestion: Buy the Jazz. In red please.
  14. That just looks like a rebadged Accord to me. Not good at all. Toyota are the least passionate manufacturer in the world.
  15. This IMHO is better than a Swift! Also, Winner, The swift is the logical comparison as it is the highest selling car in that segment.
  16. Ahh yes. Possibly one of the biggest collections on the world if not THE biggest! And one of the best too!! HE is a COMPLETE speed freak!
  17. Rest assured, you will certainly be seeing more participation from me. I have been unable to post as I have been out of the country and have been really really busy.
  18. With the new forum software coming soon, the issue with the emoticons will be taken care of. The stickers idea was being worked upon but then we dropped it as we had some issues. But let us stick to the topic at hand shall we guys. CYRUS432011-07-20 09:57:59
  19. I have said this in the past and will say this again, there is no weather you cannot drive fast in. If you are aware of your surroundings and are aware of what your car can do and what it cannot do, you can drive fast as long as you are safe. This thread is going offtopic with unnecessary posts. If a similar trend continues, it will be shut.
  20. There is no question about it. Get the Classic 500. It is the ONLY enfield that I truly LOVE. Wonderful to ride, Wonderful engine and just a lovely experience.
  21. @dinesh and Vipul. We at Autocar are strict followers of safe and responsible driving. Please refrain from discussing your driving habits which appear to be of the contrary.
  22. I will be honest, I do log onto hotmail and facebook before the ACI forum. But that is usually coz I get both Hotmail and Facebook updates on my phone.
  23. Possibly. I know some people are really big fans of the car, But it has had its time and it needs to go now. This is just getting really funny. The Botox treatment has to end someday...
  24. Just get a recoat of paint and keep it in original condition. This is what I learnt to ride on... It holds a very special place in my heart too.
  25. Nice color from Tata there. I like it. I hope there are other such sporty colors too. Maybe this is a quicker version or something..... Only time will tell.