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  1. well the maintenence of all ford cars have reduced considerably. so it doesnt matter which one you pick up.... regarding this, yo ucan view this article which really shows how low the cost of operation of ford truely is: -
  2. exactly...whats the point of depriving your car of some servicing and reducing its performance...its life will eventually get reduced and soon you;ll be compensating those small service costs with huge bills on maintenence... especially sedans need regular checkups as they deliver higher performance with superior engines.
  3. i went through this article myself as it grabbed my interest on how we miss certain criterias in opting for the right car. i guess we should consider the cost of operation per kilometre of the car as well; before we make our purchase. after all maintenence costs is something which is always on the indian car buyer's mind. nice going ford. this article certainly changed my perspective.
  4. The ikon is the one who should opt for. It has superior reliability compared to the logan and offers better mileage as well. There is no context between them. good luck on your purchase
  5. Sorry this is the URL
  6. My suggestion from personal experience will be the Ikon. Ford has much better service stations across the country to help its customer's needs. Its a very reliable and low cost maintaining car. Check this site out for its test drive.