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  1. For me main issue is - If fortuner worth of money & if Toyota is really milking money just because of certain policies of others for CBU & not CKD - fact shows below about others cars costing in other countries & costin in India that shows a company's policy about its ethics: Rates of other SUVs in <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Thailand on road of same models as available in India with same features:<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Captiva 2.0d AT AWD - Rs. 22.0 Lacs (15.68 Lac Bhat) Almost nil mark up. Fortuner 3.0 M/T AWD - Rs. 14.0 Lacs (10.01 Lac Bhat) 36% mark up (CKD with 15% duty on parts under special duty scheme with ASEAN countries) add on feature in India leather seats & 6 CD changer music system. Fortuner 3.0 A/T AWD - Rs. 18.0 Lacs (13.08 Lac Bhat) Not available in India CRV 2.0 2WD - Rs. 16.5 Lacs (11.80 Lac Bhat) 21.2% mark up as CBU with import duty 115% CRV 2.4 AWD A/T - Rs. 20.6 Lacs (14.70 Lac Baht) 11.7% markup as CBU 115% duty Endeavour 3.0 L A/T - Rs. 17.2 Lacs (12.26 Lac Bhat) 11.7% markup with CBU 115% duty Endeavour 2.5 L - Rs. 13.4 to 15.8 Lacs (9.59 to 11.26 Lac Bhat
  2. Well, Im not a fortune teller & believe in living in present.Toyota is the King today, GM fell from grace is starting from scratch, my best wishes with it! On above point I would just like to comment that in India they are king in just one segment i.e. public carrier i.e. taxi segment (Innova & square box Qualis) nothing else other segments (D or C+) which are personal & considered as personal prestige. So you can not say them as king. Considering Fortune, yes initial Hype & slightly competitive priceing in comparision to other available cars they are getting good initial response, but including me I know 21 other persons (who were quite enthu to buy this SUV & we are were quite off-roading enthus) who are either cancelling or selling to morons on premium. Once car would come on road, biggest problem of inadequate braking will come out in open, if Toyota has to survive in long run with this car they have to improve a lot on this brute. At least to add traction control & improve on braking atleast at the same pricing, if they want to keep this in the same leadership. In the end I would like to add, the way Mitshubishi taken advantage by selling crap at 20+L, no one has done, Toyota is next with Fortuner, even they did less that 50% of them.
  3. Hi Bluesapphire, I have driven one in Thailand, with Auto transmission I was impressed, just with auto trans shifter, it gives altogether a different look to the interior. Being into auto business & working as vendor dev agency in auto part business, I know a lot about in ots & policies of Indian auto companies with their vendors & quality levels they look for from their vendors. I know out of 30% indeginious costs includes seats from innova apart from tyres & paint job etc. I think that all jornos & car magazines are being paid to wrie comments & moreover I always get impression that all magazines have certain fav. car company or they are being patronised by them.
  4. Another addition: Innova top end - 12 L Difference in Body shell - 0.5L Difference in Engine Power - 1.0L Difference for 4WD - 1.0 L Difference in under pinning - 0.5L Difference in cost of stereo - 0.01L Difference in Tyres & Rims' cost - 0.5L Other minor differences - 0.25L Total justified cost above Innova: 3.76, Give liverage to 4.0L to Toyota, Justified cost should not be more than - 16L for Fort. In case they offer AT then looks changes drastically in interiors (As seen by me in Thailand). then may be this present cost can be justified though 2.5L difference than 16 is still high.
  5. I have taken test drive a few days back, I am already having booking with delivery due on Oct mid. Any how after taking test drive my comments: - Outside looks of Fort are dashing. - Unfortunately while driving I will have to sit inside, I can not drive sitting outside the car. - Inside plastic quality on dash board does not give either feeling (on touching) or looks of a car worth 20L. (presently I am having one City & one civic & earlier I had IKON, Fiesta, Marina, 800 & Qualis), I must say that Plastic quality & touching feeling of City is better than Fort. - After seeing gear shifter, it really reminds me of Gear shifter of DTC Bus, only difference was it was having one frok cover & a better nob. While driving, this gear shifter was also shaking in the same manner. Now a days all good cars have small shifters & that looks good. - Seats, though with leather but does not give feeling of luxury as size/proportion is not appropriate for a 20L car. I must say that considering width & proportion of Civic seats are much better, though both are quite different segment. (Later I came to know that Fort has exactly same seats, floor plan, inside door panels, fitting on Dash (except stereo) & steering wheel) same from Innova. ) Toyota should have considered to provide better lux inside considering Innova considering cost difference. - Engine is no doubt fantastic & has got real punch for Off Road driving (people considering zipping orund would be little disappointed as vehicle is meant for offroading, not for racing). - Suspension is good specifically front one, If Rear ones are also independent, that can increase comfort level at rear seats also on bad roads. - Rear should also have been disc brakes, rather than drom for 20L. - 17" alloy gives a very good macho looks. Unfortunately due to (specifically Interiors & gear shifter) I have decided to withdraw my booking. If anyone is interested to take one within next month (though present booking offering deliveries not before April 10.
  6. Ofcourse this SUV is good comparing what we Indians are getting as affordable ones, but my question, no one is justifying is about the pricing, why Toyota is keeping so high rates in comparison to other markets, where they are selling this Fort? there is no question of high duty in case of CBU, which attracts 115%. Here they are buying parts (70% of value) under FTA from thailand & adding 30% value addition in terms of Tyres, certain casis parts, seats from Innova etc. still so expensive, dont you think price range of 15~16L should be more justified being this is assembled in India.
  7. Rav 4 is not true blue SUV. This is anything like Honda CRV, which is very good to drive on all kind of roads, baaki khayal achha hai dil ko manane ka, SUV hai.
  8. This SUV would be launched with Manual Transmission, mean lowest end model available (Model name - 3.0 G M/T) in Thailand (None of the other markets of South East Asia has manual transmission except Thailand) (link http://www.sonirodban.com/fortuner.html); <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> In Thailand this model is available on road at 10 Lac Bhat (Rs. 14 Lacs) considering FTA with ASEAN countries, means no customs on auto parts imported from there, and Toyota Fort. being assembled here in India (With quite a few parts sourced locally like tyres, Dash Board & probably manual transmission of Innova & many other Innova parts) premium charged by Toyota of whooping 43% approx on Thailand prices is really like looting, which every car maker specially Japanese are doing. I really love this car & have driven many times in <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Thailand, latest in Feb 09 in Phuket & really dying to buy one for me but with launching of lowest end; it is just like insulting choice & buying powers of Indians. I was ready to shell out upto 22~23 L for model 3.0 V A/T, but finally I am really disappointed with Toyota's attitude. Rates of other SUVs in Thailand on road of same models as available in India with same features: Captiva 2.0d AT AWD - Rs. 22.0 Lacs (15.68 Lac Bhat) Fortuner 3.0 M/T AWD - Rs. 14.0 Lacs (10.01 Lac Bhat) Fortuner 3.0 A/T AWD - Rs. 18.0 Lacs (13.08 Lac Bhat) CRV 2.0 2WD - Rs. 16.5 Lacs (11.80 Lac Bhat) CRV 2.4 AWD A/T - Rs. 20.6 Lacs (14.70 Lac Baht) Endeavour 3.0 L A/T - Rs. 17.2 Lacs (12.26 Lac Bhat) Endeavour 2.5 L - Rs. 13.4 to 15.8 Lacs (9.59 to 11.26 Lac Bhat