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  1. Friends, has anyone used GM Universal wiper blades. I find them on sites like snapdeal. I am about to change my Alto's wiper blades. Last changed were from Syndicate. This GM one seems to be all plastic body, no metal part, looks like. First I checked for MGA at a maruti car shop but they quoted Rs 500 for pair, no bill, no info on manufacturing date, just OEM part. If anyone has used GM Universal, pl. share your inputs if they could be good to opt for. Thanks in advance.
  2. engine coolant brands

    Hi.. Can someone suggest good brands for engine coolant and where can one buy them? Do they come as pre mixed solutions? Current level of coolant in reservoir tank is ok, approx 1 / 5 th above low mark, however plan to top it up more. Any inputs are much appreciated.
  3. After 5 + years my Alto's windshield now has fine scratches that typically are visible at night against the light from oncoming vehicles and some light gets scattered on glass slightly reducing the clarity. I have heard about glass buffing being done to smoothen out such scratches and improve the clarity. Are such methods really effective? Has anyone tried it before? I asked windshield experts (over phone) but appears like they don't do any such things and suggested to replace it completely. However the clarity in daytime is absolutely as good as a new glass. It’s only night time when some scattering of light happens.
  4. Wiper marks

    I am noticing that when the wipers are moving along the windscreen, they seem to leave behind some marks along the line of movement. It's Alto now more than 4 years old and wiper blades were changed during last monsoon. I generally keep the windscreen clean with colin glass cleaner frequently. I wonder what could be causing such marks, sometimes it's little hard to see clearly at night. I am planning to replace the blades.
  5. I would use AmbiPur, but now it's no longer available in market. What are the other good options available? I was shown some other refill for the same but it was feeling like the way Eau de Cologne smells!
  6. bumpy ride.

    On certain patches on Mumbai Pune expressway, mostly going fromMumbai to pune I have noticed a bumpy ride at 1 - 2 spots mostly between Mumbai to first toll at khopoli..has anyone noticed similar thing. I had driven alto and was alone in the car and mostly in center lane. I slowed down from 85 - 90 (normally that's my max speed in general on expressway) to around 65 - 70 and then it was ok. In general I find a much smooth ride on tar roads than cement ones.
  7. tyre rotation

    Soon I am planning to get the tyre rotation done on my Alto. It will soon reach > 5000 KM. Is it recommended to get the wheel alignment & balancing done after this rotation. Thx
  8. More Vibrations in Alto

    @ sb-alto- yes gear oil and also many other fluids (i don't know all tech names) were changed too in recently servicing in Mar-10. I did show it to one MASS recently ..he just did some tuning, cleaning, some settings etc and it felt slight better but may be marginal. I agree this needs to be used more!! Further past few months I am attempting to keep a watch on mileage. Earlier on express way I sensed it gave a good milage of around 20. Off lately it's mainly city driving that too overall average 5 - 6 Kms / day max and mostly remain in 1, 2 or 3 gear for relatively short distances. Now i feel the milage has come down to 12 (AC on) is this ok for this kind of use? Have been keeping watch on fuel-In qualtity and consumption & balance by approximation using the fuel gauge.
  9. More Vibrations in Alto

    As such in the recent servicing in March, lots of oils & fluids were changed including Engine oil, brake fluid, coolants etc. I suspect something might have gone wrong in the servicing. Things seemed much better before. As such I always noticed vibrations after 80 - 90 km on expressway but I guess that was normal as it is 800 cc engine. Hence I have been keeping speed below 80km. But now I sense the vibrations all around as I am accelerating even towards 50
  10. More Vibrations in Alto

    I notice relatively more vibrations in my Alto. It is noticed more as I accelerate. What might be causing it? <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Last servicing was done in this March as per schedule. Vehicle is around 3 years old and odo is around 5K
  11. How to keep car dust free?

    I notice lot of dust inside my car. It's not noticed on dashboard or seat etc, as I regularly wipe the dashboard and general inside area but when sunlight enters thru windshield, i see lot of dust floating inside. Is there any way to get rid of it
  12. How difficult is the ghat section on mumbai to pune expressway I will be driving on it for the first time soon..any tips.
  13. When to flash headlights!

    Wish to know what are the recommended practices on flashing headlights<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Many a times I have seen oncoming vehicle flashing its lights at me when I am taking a right turn that cuts the opposite side of the road. e.g. right turn to come on to the main road from the building or exit the main road to enter the building gate etc. I do so after giving right indicator light in advance and after judging speed of oncoming vehicle and safe distance etc. I am still not clear why would oncoming vehicle would flash its lights at me. What does it really mean when there
  14. I had a look at those videos on youtube as mentined above...the video itself does not claim the methods mentioned therein (e.g. using dry ice etc) to be reliable in any way.
  15. Past few days I came across this Dent remover product named something as dent king on TV Channels. They claim that with a few simple steps, the appartus provided by them can pop out a dent and make it disapper as if it waw never there. Has anyone tried any such product and do such thing really work..