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  1. Why is Aventurra off your list? Its an awesome offering at 10L Budget.
  2. Tough finding a car with your requirements, You need to wait a while and if Space is your Prime Concern, wait for Jazz D and if GC being the prime, wait for Suzuki YBA. I test drive i20 Active recently and found there is no bite in hard braking, so would not suggest that.
  3. The ALTO being the best seller for years had a free show across decades mainly because no one dared to play on this turf. Hyundai entered it with EON with a Sober engine and could not fight ALTO head on. Now we have a Alto Challenger in the pipe line which going by its specs looks promising. For Kayou, 1. Entry Hatch in a Crossover Guise - Indian always welcomes Higher GC cars. 2. CMF-A platform - Latest Technology , unlike Datsun GO, where they bring in dated models here. 3. Renault Design - Renault always great in this and comparing to Alto, this should be a looker. 4. AMT Promised. 5. No visible Cost Cutting. 6. Makes extraordinary sense of 2nd or 3rd car in the family. Against Kayou, 1. Renault AfSS Network - yet to grow. 2. No Diesel, though not a con, if had would been a bigger hit. 3. Yet to prove BR8 engine. 4. Tough to break "Entry Car- Maruti Car" Mind Set for first time buyers
  4. I feel XUVs and this Mini XUV are exempts. Completely agree with your point, even their flagship Scorpio dances to all the Buses and Lorries that passesby
  5. This tends to happen if you didn't revv enough in 2nd gear, try to marginally increase the rpm in II gear to another 1000rpm and see how it shifts now.
  6. Only 2 options. A used RX100 or an ordinary old engined Passion. With passion, you get 5yrs warranty and will live for another 15yrs easily. XPro is new technology, can't say much about its long term reliability. Never a bajaj. You ca't buy any spares even for a 5yrs old pulsar. In 15yrs, you will be seeing 500th variant of Discover.
  7. ^^ Boss, this is India, where safety on MPVs are never or heardly heard of. Whether Lodgy scored 1* or .5* in crash test, I hope it will be 100% more safer than the best selling Indian MPVs like Bolero, Sumo , Scorpio or Xylo. So don't worry so much.
  8. Woooooooooooow, But can't digest the fact that Enjoy is going to stand next to this in every showroom. In those days, seeing a GM showroom itself a beauty. When we went to buy our Spark, these were the line up Captiva, Optra, Aveo, Spark..... Later it was Beat, Cruze, Spark, Captiva........ Now, Sail, UVA, Enjoy, Beat, Captiva.... Just feel like puking in front of Showroom.
  9. IMHO, Toyota can just sell Innova & Fortuner. In one end they bring in hi-tech products and see no sales( Prius & LC) and at other, they bring used thrash tin( Etios twins) and prices it higher. O doing both, they are denting their image. Think of a Toyota that sells just Innova & Fortuner, better sales, short delivery time & better AfSS.
  10. leave alone hiring good designers, why not pay DC to get some good back design for Aria & Grande atleast. Both the products are very capable in their segment, its only their back that is holding back prospective customers.
  11. ^^ Should stay back. We are not sure whether the upgrade is just skin level or deep inside. If Tata has made changes to its Fit & Finish and other important things, we should not miss it. Similarly, the Resale of prev. gen Indica will suffer post entry of new Indica, so its best to wait.
  12. Even though me too being a fan of Rear mount Spare tyre, it actually is not good for a car. Remember Old Safari, everone complaints of its tailgate rattle and bad handling, transferring the tail mounted spare to underbody made a huge difference. My suggestion for the same is, keep the spare under the SUV as in Duster, but fix a dummy rear tyre cover(looking like erstwhile Safari)
  13. OK then do me another favour. Do let me know if any of you got to know a decent RX 100 whose Reg.No total is 7. since I am born on 16, I mak sure all my vehicles bear 16 as total no. If not 16 even 7 can be accepted. My bike is 5335, our Spark is 2284, so I will get my new bike also similar.
  14. I feel, 5k for a new tyre too much. The 2k for your 2k run tyre is a good bet. Check out other tyres too.
  15. Those Japanese engines were stopped by 1990s, so this is not a Japanese engined yamaha. Now say what to do?