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  1. @ cb Fabia has 1.4 PD diesel engine & not 1.2. Source of my Polo engine information is Autocar October issue (Figo on cover).
  2. Polo plus points: a.build quality b.superb ride quality c.car body of high steel quality( like fabia,punto etc.) d.latest international version e.good executive looks Polo negative points: a. bad engines- 1.2 three cylinder petrol from fabia/1.2 three cylinder diesel only 59 bhp(will be very frugal)/ 1.6 from jetta (more refined) will be costly b.car will be low with poor headroom & getting in-out will be bit difficult c.those who will be purchasing in the first few months may face some ASS issues as VW ASS is at baby stage in our country d.interior quality will not be of european standards Overall it doesnt seem to be a very practical choice.Hopefully I may be proved wrong.
  3. @ cb In an earlier thread about Figo you have praised Figo interiors in a big way. Beat interiors is surely not so good that it suddenly becomes much better than Figo. Plus in general interiors of Ford cars in India are very much of acceptable quality. Do consider the 1.2 petrol Figo engine also. This is a little downgraded version of very popular 1.25 Zetec engine of Fiesta that is currently in sale in Europe. This offers superb Driveability & good FE. With a good difference in pricing between diesel & petrol, 1.2 should be the first choice for people who actually does not require a diesel. I have hardly seen cars like Uva or Spark in good numbers in Europe. But surprised to see huge no of Fiestas(renamed Figo & the phased out one in Europe) not only in any particular country but across Europe. Bottomline is Ford will be offering almost a Jazz sized hatch( however dont expect the quality to be as good as Honda) at the price of a Beat. If you are looking for a good VFM hatch and not turned on by I20, wait and go for Figo.If money is no consideration go for Jazz!!
  4. The car looks good.But it will find difficult to compete with Ford Figo.Figo will be priced similar to Beat though it will be a much bigger sized hatch with excellent driving experience & overall space.According to me Figo will be the biggest thing to happen in Indian Motoring next year. However,all the best to BEAT.
  5. On road price of Punto Diesel Emotion (not emotion pack) in Kolkata is 6.17 lakhs. Only things you miss in respect to Asta are airbags & alloy wheels & in exchange you get a car with european build & style & not to forget a very frugal diesel. However as reports suggest that Punto have some niggling problems.
  6. Apart from i20 you can also try 1.Fabia-Offering discounts upto Rs.57000/-. ASS will be costly though. 2.Base variant Punto Diesel should be within your budget. Check out the rear space though. Problem with i20 is it is just a grown up eco hatch with no X factor and a tin body. If you decide to go by your heart a little then you should look somewhere else. Afterall one life,why so serious!!!
  7. Polo will be coming only in early 2010 with present Fabia engines.However the petrol 3 cylinder may be converted to a 4 cylinder one with 75 bhp output. Any information whether Fabia is also going to get the same engine? Then Fabia will be a good option as it is definitely more spacious than Polo.TSI engines are only expected in 2011 for Polo & Fabia. I wonder why there is no discount for Ambiente variant of Fabia, or is there any?
  8. Thanks for all the advice.Actually I am in the process of deciding the best possible hatch on behalf of a friend of mine.After your suggestions I have decided to strike of Fabia from my list. My next choice is definitely then Jazz. I have observed the following points in regards to jazz: 1.Modern & good looking(thoug this is subjective) 2.Very refined engine 3.Good AC(very important) 4.Enjoyable city driving 5.Boot space is great and practical 6.Good interiors(not of fabia standard though) 7.Very ordinary ride 8.Rear seat comfort compromised for making them Magic Seats.You definitely expect better rear comfort from such an expensive car. 9.Should be reliable and frugal. Actually price is also an important issue but in my friend's case that is not so important. I think as an overall product Jazz is far ahead of I20. So should I advice my friend to go for Jazz (which will also mean that Jazz is the best hatchback if you ignore the pricing part)???? PS: Mod will you change the topic heading to "Best Possible Hatchback".
  9. As per your requirement you should go for MUV/SUV. If you like scorpio you can go for it.It is good.However a new model of Scorpio is coming sometime next year. Ideally you should go for Innova.This is a high class product but you have to stretch your budget a bit.
  10. Thanks for your suggestions.I agree.However the point remains that today in our country if you want to buy a spacious hatch with European Build then Fabia is the only choice.This is because Punto in the avatar it has come to India is basically a substandard product.Even if we think of future then VW Polo will have space issues and when Golf will be launched is a matter of speculation.Another point strikes me a lot that if Skoda(and all its dealers) is in so bad shape then how come I find thousands of Skodas plying on the roads of Kolkata.Same must be the case in other metros too.I have no interest in defending Skoda(I very much agree that there are problems and all the hue and cry are not wrong)but just expressing myself.It may very well be the case where Beauty kills the Beast!!!!
  11. In the latest Autocar issue it has been mentioned that fabia 1.2 AC is not good enough.Is it really bad? When can we expect the 1.2 tsi engine in Fabia.Is it worth waiting for that or the present engine is sufficient for city use? I find the fabia 1.2 a car with better character than jazz(which according to me is just a bigger sized Japanese hatch with very good engine, ok build quality and overall not so comfortable rear seat). Welcome your suggestions on the above.