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  1. The Official Scale Models Thread

    Posting pics of my 1:18 Lamborghini Miura SV by Welly:
  2. Sarabs Car World

    Wow it would have been an awesome experience the jag just oozes pure class which the Germans can only dream of, please post the pics of the jag xf-s if you can. Note from Mod: Please post in correct English, SMS/Slang words are not allowed on the board. BornFree2011-02-16 03:38:47
  3. Sarabs Car World

    the xf or xj sarab?
  4. Foreign Bikes/Cars Pics in INDIA

    Superb pics of the aston-martin n-420 vantage,i have a scale model of the rune in exact same colour what a bike!!had seen a black rune in mumbai with the afternoon sun shining on the chrome engine can never forget that moment i was like
  5. Hyosung GT650R FI and ST7 FI coming to India

    About the FT650r i will say it is brilliant price keeping in mind that the ninja 250 costs 3.5lakh on road and has got 34bhp sure it wouldnt have the chasis of the ninja but for that money one is getting 73bhp below his butt and the riding position is comfortable like a sports-tourer. About the ST-7 what can i say?maybe its 2-yr late with the harley priced so close to it i hardly find a market for this bike but according to various magzines the ride quality is better than the harley but it just doesnt have the legendary brand name that harley has!
  6. Rally Fiats

    Awesum pics Cyrus!!,the no.49 fiat looks like a hot-rod what a beautiful stance it has got!
  7. Audi Launches R8 V10

    First according to a forum was brought from ludhiana
  8. Ferrari Coming to Gujarat soon !!!

    Woohooo Fezza in gujrat!!!...that will be awesome i always wanted to go to maranello its like a mecca for me but that would take time,but if they come at gujrat i would surely visit gurat just to see that plant!
  9. 50 Steps to stay alive (for Biking)

    Nice one dinesh,as a biker i always maintain distance with a vehicle in front so as to have a breaking allowance when the car in front bakes suddenly,never be close to a vehicle in front even if traffic is slow u never knw there can be oil on the road and other factors
  10. BBS CH-R Black wheels for 911 Turbo

    Wooohoo it has transformed the porsche looks awesome dude...plz buy a cam and post more pics of this beauty!!!
  11. Sarabs Car World

    Haha,lol Sarab that was my same impression when i saw the beetle very good looking from outside but crap from inside,would buy a fiat 500 over this car anyday!
  12. BBS CH-R Black wheels for 911 Turbo

    Waiting for the pics pj!!
  13. Gautam Singhania's Ferrari 458

    The 1st veyron in our country was brought by Mr.Sunny Dewan of HDIL around 3-months @AMG1: Fanatastic spotting dude...where did you spot the car? Hope the car ius displayed at the performance show!!

    A heartfilled congratulations for getting the bike delivered to you finally sir. Ahh thats sad that the beast got bumped,our netas have have alll the liberty in the world to do whatever they wana do and get away. Anways sir i am dying to see the pic of your ride plz upload some pics for our viewing pleasure,hope you invested in some good riding kits like shoes jacket and helmet. cheers: $chumi_fxx