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  1. Guys any idea when is gonna be launched because my dad was looking for a 150-cc comuter and he likes the new dazzler and i dont. cheers!!....Arun.
  2. The bike lokks too fugly according to me,not at all a good looker.
  3. I agree with you zero on the cls even i doubt it being an amg,I am so glad that all the eotics you captured DD are in our country
  4. Complete waste of money and makes no sense in front of the veyron...
  5. Thats great news,the night-rod looks awsum my fav harley
  6. Thats great news hope even Tata bring the Jag in ckd format and give stiff competetion to the Germans
  7. Hii PJ! What a beautiful wheel,can u tell me the colour of the 911 on which these shoes are going?
  8. Hey sarabjeet where did you spot the veyron?
  9. One just feels the sudden difference when he leaves the pump like i do because i fill when my tank is almost empty and i add 10 litres of fuel,so while taking the 1st turn out of the pump the bike feels little front heavy but after few metres you get used to it thats my experience friends!
  10. That guy according to me is dumb 10lakhs for a no. plate!!,that to for a car that costs 20 lakhs(Toyota Fortuner),if it was a luxury car or some sports or supercar it was fine,just shows too much money but not much brain.
  11. Thats good news but i hope they dont mess it up like they did before or like opel did...best of luck renault!! $chumi_FXX2010-05-19 14:05:00
  12. But the engine is the same old thing its high time they change the engine.
  13. It would have had looked better wit the 3-stripes running over the bonnet or from the side of the car,thats a trademark of adidas
  14. Thats a great achievement congrats ford!!
  15. ^ ferrari 458 italia $chumi_FXX2010-04-30 15:29:51
  16. I would say choose between the stunner & 135 ls but i felt the stunner underpowerd and its mileage is not good i can say this from my frnds experience of owning one.
  17. The last pic of the trio is beautiful,even the other pics are good thanks for the pics bro you had an awesum sunday it seems.
  18. Very well done job rangc your car looks beautiful
  19. Have seen that show on travel & living the guys name was dipu & at the univeling the crowd goes crazy it was very entertaining to see a brit guy & bangladeshi guy workng together
  20. The car looks smashing,hope ferrari wins the constructors and schumi the driver title
  21. Post deleted Note from mod: Post in proper English.BornFree2010-01-21 15:21:00
  22. The list is good except i dnt think that the e-class was deservng,just my 2 cents.
  23. Thats really some good news would give competetion to thr audii tt & z4
  24. Yes bro it was an experience for me i spent arnd 2hrs at the showroom and next to ducati was the Rolls-Royce showroom and opposite of it was the JLR showroom wen ther and saw the xf & xk both are simpley beautiful.