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  1. http:img407.imageshack.usimg407808dsc00425p.jpg
  2. http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/808/dsc00425p.jpg
  3. I doubt that the r-6 or cbr600rr would be launched in our country bcoz one of my friend told me that you cant import a bike below 800cc,correct me if i am wrong.
  4. The italians sure know how to design,simply beautiful
  5. Probally the brand new cars launching world wide woud'nt be there but theres a quite a lot. { check out ncpa basement sometime ) Well my friend own The 760 Li for his personal use' date=' Sadly 19 year olds these days are getting such cars. ( His number plates is also 760) Why is mumbai starting to show they money SO MUCH ? If any of you know, Few years back there was a blackish silver modified sonata with side skirts and spoiler etc, He is the same friend who owns the 760 in white. [/quote'] Hii power can u tell me what other special cars are their in ur building?any exotics?
  6. Not worth for our road but would be glad to see the beast if it comes.
  7. Can anyone guide me on how to post pics I have pics of the bikes in showroom. Edit: On how to post pics. refer to the announcements section. BornFree2009-12-14 12:15:22
  8. I had gone to the showroom to check the beetle the on road price is a stagerring 26lakhs in navimumbai,i would prefer a 5oo over the beetle it looks so cute and the interiors of the beetle were dissapointing.
  9. A very well equiped bike in its class,hope it would do well but they shouldnot have named it pulsar.
  10. Had gone there they had kept two 1098,one 848 and one hypermotard beautiful bikes.
  11. I didnt like the exterior design,but the interiors are good.
  12. I dnt want to offend anyone but i dnt agree that pulsar is a commuter bike ask any college going kid whats his dream bike and he would say a pulsar it was the bike that brought performance biking for the masses it is according to me one of the best bikes ever made in our country.
  13. I dnt believe this looks likw a mismatch between a enzo & 458 italia.
  14. Looks are good dint like the led treatment but the interiors are fabulous and thats what one wants from a car in this segment.
  15. Except for thr engine i dint like anything would prefer a amg version even those are mad but not this mad.
  16. Plsar 220 is the choice for you according to me i didnt like the zmr in anyway. 220 is great value for money also.
  17. I think it might have been a private import,still havnt seen it,VW should launch it in India according to me.
  18. Post deleted Note: No room for irrelevant/Off topic posts.BornFree2009-11-23 13:57:44
  19. -chumi_FXX

    Engine Oil

    According to me motul is the best after putting motul in my pulsar it is performing really good it may be little expensive but trust me guys its worth it,castrol according to me is completely crap it looses its viscosity within a month.
  20. This car is gonna give the bentley flyingspur a tough time,it looks really good.
  21. I had gone for the show on friday,it was okay compared to lastyears show but still good,but my day was made when i went to the ducati and jlr showroom at worli