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  1. Haha that was a good 1onelick & rip it!
  2. Thanks a lot cyrus for the preview would come 2mrw afternoon just cant wait,sad u wont be there anyways we can catchup some other day...cya
  3. Winner i know bro but i was asking cyrus abt the performance show coz tht time there was no thread on this topic....cya
  4. Woohoooo thats some news but hope it materialises,the track looks good.
  5. Hiii all i would be there havnt missed this show from the time it startd,the 1st one was at worli and i jst cant forget that ay bcoz i went on my b-day, hey cyrus on wat days would u be there? how can i identify you bro?
  6. Why dont we keep a meet during the performance show at bkc cyrus?
  7. My list: 1: 7-series:pure agression and style 2: A-8:understated elegance,superb build quality & its rare 3: S-class:better looking than the last gen but very common and doesnt click the right button for me
  8. Thats good news a VW dealership has jst opened near my home would love to see the cute beetle,abt the ad campaign it was very good & nicely executed.
  9. Hope its able to continue the legacy of the current gen m5,the best looking bmw(of the current cars) according to me.
  10. Hii sarabjeet ya one lucky chap,drive safe bro!
  11. Wow that car looks soo good the stripes look awesum on it salutr the "M"
  12. The new corvette was able to keep up with the sv at a track saw that video on youtube and was really amused so i dnt know what to comment about the fastest lambo.
  13. Design is ok kind of a mix between i-10 and a-star...what ya say guys?
  14. Wow thats great that mumbai would have the 1st ducati showroom of our country heard its opening at atria mall in worli.
  15. CBR its the most forgiving and comfortable bike in the litre class or the suzuki gsxr-750 but that is not legal in our country
  16. Have to agree the newer headlights are not that good looking,bt anyway book mine in red n white
  17. I dnt like it will have a ferrari any day.
  18. I saw this car on sunday looks good,i guess someone was taking test-drive saw it at sanpada
  19. The car is good but dnt like the spoiler,the rim design also is nt good
  20. i would be there,what time n location?
  21. Awww! that interior is the best in any luxury car just awesum!
  22. Hope they launch it soon the duke is a stunner to look
  23. It would give the slk a run for its money but if i had the same amount of cash i wud nuy the porsche boxster anyday!
  24. Hope it revives the fortune of chevrolet,the engine is gonna be a cracker.
  25. no new questions???this thread is lying low