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  1. It looks quite good consideing its a tata lets see how it matches its competetion
  2. zen-estilo i just hate that car looks as it was made for girls i just hate to see guys driving that car.
  3. Renault is very lucky they got-off with a minor punishment.
  4. yup i meant the tyres the bike come with and i agree with cyrus dont put fat rubber
  5. Thats great news i jst wanted to know that what is the procedure to get the vip pas???plz help me coz every year iam standing at the opposite stand in sun except last year bcoz it was covered
  6. That was the best day of my life,would remember it till i die,i want to post pics which i got,bt i dnt know how to post,anyone plz help me?
  7. Its a shame that a guy like flavio could do this,if he is guilty he should be punished severly so that no 1 in f1 could even think of doing things like this again.
  8. The wheels are good but the interior design and the colour is awesome.
  9. I have seen that coloured bike outside the yamaha showroom in panvel abt 3-weeks back,looks good from a distance i was riding so didnt have the chance to see it in detail
  10. -chumi_FXX

    Fiat 500

    The 500 is so cute n beautiful,the italians really know how to design cars,at 8 lakhs this car woul have sold well but not great.
  11. @cyrus:nice job mate u made it look attractive
  12. pulsar-220 is the fastest bike and its really value for money.
  13. hiii fellas i stay at sanpada,navi-mumbai.
  14. The Bhogilal collection is also very good but none can come close to the king of good times he is just too good.
  15. Brabus these guys are crazy and if u want performance then go for the full-blow
  16. would give the flying-spur serious competetion,looks very good.
  17. Use the stock tyres till they wearout and then change them,i got a 200 and the stock zappers are good on dry but in wet they dont give much grip
  18. my pleasure dragon,so when are you buying the bike??best of luck and always ride safe
  19. @winner 48:Bro i am asking him for the pics of the black 599 in mumbai,i hav seen a black 599 but i wana see the pic of the 2nd 599 in mumbai.
  20. Cyrus plz post the pics of the black 599 cant wait to see it
  21. that audi and tractor pic is great complete opposites....tht murci acoording to me is the best looking in our contry,isnt that lambo was for sale at delhi?