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  1. p220...its more powerful and has more feature for around the same price as fazer.
  2. I didnt like the colour,it looks good but i still like the standard one more.
  3. Looks good,but didnt like those swift inspired head-lights
  4. Tthats only suitable for da chinese plz ford dnt bring it here.
  5. Its sad that fisi is leavng but he is fullfilling the ultimate italian driver's dream and that too at monza!.Hope force india continue the pace with sutil.
  6. The rear is ok but the front is fugly i didnt like it,wud prefer a 5-series over it.
  7. Why Cyrus?...what happened between you and him?CYRUS432009-09-04 07:42:17
  8. Even if lewis beats schumi he cannot be better than the RED BARON....Schumi was,is and would always be the best.
  9. He has just booked a 2010 gtr and he is gonna mod it like the m3,he is rich but a very down to earth guy..which is a rarerity in our world
  10. what? so many 599 in India.Cyrus please post the pic of the black 599 fast.
  11. AWWW that lambo is so delicious.My fav lambo the diablo .Lucky koreans,when is mumbai police getting one?
  12. Tata all the way,they built indica keeping in mind what an Indian customer wants,the nanao and they own JLR.Plus m a big fan of Mr.Ratan Tata
  13. Hmmm i like the design its bold and is something different than the others cars in its segment.
  14. Hiiiii cyrus,can u tell me in which city are the other 599's??...i know delhi has got one
  15. Go for the cbr-1000rr its the bost forgiving bike in its segment and rider friendly,hope u buy and write a owning experience report.....best of luck for the new ride which ever you choose
  17. I cant say much about the front because i want to see proper pics before commenting but the side profile is good,looks very un-hyundai which is a good thing.
  18. About Sanjay Dutt's ferrari i think it was the first 599gtb to come to India. Dying to see a proper V-12 Ferrari
  19. Hope even i would have collection like that one day,i got some snaps of my friends collection would upload them someday.
  20. I dont know about cars but in bikes the speed is calibrated higher than the bikes potential.
  21. These police guys are like that only,once i was talking with my friend on the side of the road and a policeman(hawaldar) tells me to moveout.I argued that i am on the side of the road and not didturbing the traffic and this guy books me that i have misbehaved with a policeman and had to go to court and pay 200rs!
  22. when was it held???i stay in navi-mumbai and i missed this