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  1. wow cyrus thtats an awesum pic,lovely interiors of the ferrari.On saturday i saw ranbir kapoor with is rangerover at marinedrive ther was some shoot
  2. Wooohoooo,i nevr expected this to happen,i feel really proud that an f1 car with our own country's name is in pole,hope they score points.Go Fisi go
  3. yup even i liked it and brought one though i liked the performance of the 22o but ther was a waiting period of 3 months,so i brought it and i am very pleased with its performance.looking forward for the next-gen 200.
  4. i just didnt like the looks i feel the current one looks far better,hero-honda should have brought somenew feature like they did with the cbz,i would better buy a pulsar220 than this.
  5. if formula1 can't come to india atleast they should build a proper track in india,its really hightime that india has an international standard track
  6. i dont know why but i dont like the design,it doesnt do it for me maybe i hav to wait till i see it in real or a on-road pic,but the specifications are awesum,its gonna blow the gallardo....FORZA FERRARI
  7. i just didnt like the head-light,it should be more meaty otherwise its very beautiful
  8. i would say bro go for the logan