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  1. Whats your Budget - 10-12 L Kms driven monthly - 5000 kms Bodyshell - SUV/ MUV City/Highway split - 30/70 Max No.of Passangers - 3 Boot space Importance - High Usage by - normal Ownership - Outskirts Safety - High Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling//Passenger Comfort/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Resale/FE Softcornered Manufacturer - ISUZU, Ford, Skoda (Actually I am little inclined towards Isuzu Dmax S-Cab or Ford Ecosport) Will book in 10 when BS-VI comes into effect my car might get devalued in the future. Regards Saiki
  2. Discounts

    Need to know discounts going on around couldnt see any latest post in the discount thread
  3. Whats your Budget - 5-6 Lacs Kms driven monthly - 2000 Bodyshell - Hatch/Compact SUV/MUV City/Highway split - 40:60 Max No.of Passangers - ______ 2 Boot space Importance - ______ Medium Usage by - __________________Lady and a kid Ownership - _________________Outskirts Safety - _____________________High Prime requirement - Safety features/Ride/ Handling//Braking/Looks/AfSS/Passenger Comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Maruti, Skoda, Honda, Ford, Renault
  4. Need help choosing a car !

    Hello folks ! Test drove the safari ! I must admit it's at par with XUV500 if not better ! Body roll is still there...but fantastic ride quality. But I thought of something else... Planning to get a Skoda Rapid and a Mahindra Thar ! Will upgrade the Thar in couple of months with every possible accessories... Now how that would sound...? Regards, Saiki
  5. Need help choosing a car !

    Thanks guys... Will test drive the Safari ASAP ! See ya all till then Saiki
  6. Need help choosing a car !

    Safari storme should have been a good choice ! But long equipments list of XUV put me into dilemma... Also they come with niggles ! Duster/Eocsport/Terrano... Less space than those bigger rivals ! Regards, Saiki
  7. Hello everybody ! I am looking for a new car, within a budget of 15L. I need a SUV/C-SUV/Car with a ground clearance of min 180mm... 4WD/AWD will be welcomed more ! I have test driven XUV500, Yeti, Ecosport, Duster, Scorpio. I drive mostly in the highways...sometimes some vacations where there's no road at all ! XUV500: Liked the car for its cruising ability...I drove for 20 kms. Yeti: Brilliant ! Only rear space is the complain ! Ecosport: Hatch on high heels ! Duster: Shitty interiors ! Scorpio: Old school...but solid ! Please help me choosing my new car... Regards, Saiki
  8. Used Skoda Yeti 4x4 Ambiente !

    Thanks guys
  9. Used Skoda Yeti 4x4 Ambiente !

    VIN I don't know...but the car is registered on 5th January, 2011... Insurance claims...I have no idea how to check that, NCB rating is 25%. There's another year of extended warranty left ! Service history I have taken...and it's perfect...checked the booklet and receipt. Regards, Saiki
  10. Hello everybody ! There's a Yeti Ambiente 4x4 on sale in my place...and seller is asking 10 Lacs. Car is clean, tyres are good enough,Color is Red, ODO clocked @14000Kms... Good deal...? Regards, Saiki
  11. Diesel Saloon

    AFSS and Resale value is least important for him... He wanted to buy the best saloon within that price bracket... Best in terms of ride/handling and safety of course... Nothing comes close to a european cars...I emphasize thats my friend's opinion Saiki
  12. Diesel Saloon

    My friend wanted to book a Rapid ! So be it Thanks guys...
  13. Diesel Saloon

    Sorry folks for being late in replying... Monthly average drive: 2000 kms Highways:City= 70:30 No of passengers: 3 Boot space: require a good sized boot. Usage by: Enthusiast. Ownership: outskirts. Safety: High. Prime requirement: Ride/Handling/Passenger comfort/Looks/FE/Braking/AFSS/Resale. Thanks Saiki
  14. Diesel Saloon

    Hello folks, Any suggestions which one to opt for...? I) Skoda Rapid II) Ford Fiesta III) Hyundai Verna IV) Maruti SX4 One of my friend is keen on a diesel saloon in a 10L price bracket. Regards, Saiki