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  1. i went the BP website & according to the faq the normal speed is 91 octane so thats solves my query i guess..
  2. Hi guys, I have been filling speed 97 in my laura tsi since the day i bought it, the petrol prices have gone down to 74/- in mumbai, the price for speed 97 has gone up instead to 91/- . This is ridiculous & i want to know whats the octane level in our regular fuel? the 1.8tsi runs best with 95 octane fuel. Heard about our regular fuel octane level boasted lately is it true? or is it still 91? Thanks.
  3. i guess speed97 is the safest bet for good & higher octane fuel.. insane792010-07-01 09:41:05
  4. hi, Since euro4 fuels are introduced in mumbai since a while, does anyone now if the octane level is bumped up for normal unleaded & speed fuels? any idea? thanks..
  5. only few pumps have stopped keeping them now, the worli naka, gatwaway & hudges road pumps dont keep speed97 anymore, the jazz by the bay pump had no speed97 only for 2-3days, now they are back in bizness, thanks alot cyrus for the heads up
  6. UPDATE- Speed97 is available now in the jazz by the bay petrol pump, its back
  7. @cyrus43 did you ask your friend about speed97?
  8. Guys this might sound crazy but speed97 is no more available in mumbai, i checked all the pumps i fill normally at & they all said that they are not getting the fuel since a month, This is crazy, WTH is going on anyone knows? thanks..
  9. try bargaining with your skoda dealer in banglore, tell him skoda mumbai is giving u for that price