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  1. My new Chevy UVA Base Model after delivery on the inter-city road gave me an average of 10 km/lit. Is it normal? Will the average improvlater (i.e after 5000 km) or is it a manufacturing problem?
  2. Can you please give me the exact Model No. of the JVC Headset (with direct USB compatability) and the Pioneer or JBL Speakers? I hope the combined budget thereof doesnt go above Rs. 10k!
  3. Dear All, I have recently booked a UVA and now a looking for a good car audio system for the same. Can someone please help me out with the following crieria: 1. Budget- 8-10 thousand 2. Good sound quality 3. mp3 cd/audio cd compatibility alongwith USB port for mp3 player 4. Looks I have heard that it is preferable to buy the audio system off the grey market, but is there any particular shop or area where I should look? (I am presently in Goregaon, Mumbai). I trust the people that fit the audio system into the car can be trusted with a brand new car? Looking forward to some urgent assistance!
  4. Dear All, I am looking for a hatchback in the 4-5lakh budget. Can anyone give me the best comparison between the U-VA 1.2; Swift 1.2 LXi and Palio 1.6 Stile on the following grounds? 1. Pickup 2. Resale value (after 3 years) 3. Service/maintenance cost 4. Average with AC in city traffic 5. Ground clearance, especially in the rains I have heard that the U-VA exhaust pipe is directed downwards, would that have any effect in the rains? FuelRunGod2007-10-21 12:09:20