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  1. Got a call from Dealer that my MHawk has moved from nashik and will be here in 2-3 days for my Pre Registration checks....
  2. Hi I have finally booked Scorpio LX black from Sayadri motors pune.I paid initial booking amount of 10K. The dealer is giving me 15K cash discount and goodies worth 3k that includes mud flaps and Footmats.Since scorpio price has further gone done by 5K my total cost for this monster will go somewhere around 7.95L. Thanks for all your suggestions,can anyone provide me help with sun films and teflon coating. Also i am going with SBI ezee loan, they are giving me 8% fixed for 1 year and 10 % for next 2 year. But i heard that there processing is very slow?? is it so. @mods:- Please change topic to Scorpio LX booked.Thanks
  3. Innova is out of budget, yes had Xylo in contrntion too, but when price compared E4 and Scorpio LX where almost same, so went for SUV dream
  4. Hi All, I have finally zeroed on Scorpio LX black, will be doing booking by tomorrow or so.I am getting a 15K cash discount. Please give some valuable suggestions for negotiations for spare parts or necessary accessories to be talked before booking
  5. Just find this on net...so new scorpio SUV is for sure http://www.moneycontrol.com/india/news/business/mm-bets-bignew-launches-is-bullishthe-road-ahead/412914
  6. Thanks Guys, for your valuable input.yesterday i went to 1-2 Mahindra dealers and found that Scorpio price difference from the one shown on Mahindrascorpio.com and dealers. The dealer is quoting base price in pune for LX as 7.15L where as on website it is 6.98L.Can anyone know or have face the similar issue. Regarding Innova , i cannot exert my budget more than 8L . had hard time convincing family for even this budget :-)
  7. @ All, thanks for your suggestion @ creative i do not have faith in TASS, knew few of my friends who r struggling with their SUMO and Safari @POTU Even i am excited about New scorpio, but think it is in the segment of 10+ can't stretch 8 @Jitesh, thanks even i am going to test drive i20 and will take final call
  8. yes, i agree to it, but 5-6 occupant are not regular occupant, it is my parents and in laws comes for frequent visit, and to be precise every two months :-) and they do stay for more than 15-20 days. My first love is Scorpio but i am just not sure at its A.S.S and maintenance.Since i am reading quite a lot about i20 , i thought of getting a view on it too.
  9. Hi All, I am regular reader of this forum and really find suggestion and issues raised or discussed in this forum quite usefull.My time has come to get some help and suggestion from you all guys.I am planning to get new Car/MUV/SUV coming diwali.My requirement consist of monthly travelling of 1200-1500KM pm and mostly on highways.Normal occupant of the vehicle will be 5-6 adult and 2 kids.I have few limitations too my budget is between 7-8L Few cars that pleased me are i20,Scorpio,Ford Ikon,Aveo.My main concern is maintenance and mileage.Even Xlyo is an option, but it looks just don't appeals to me...,I20 is good too but it diesel version is bit on the high end. If you guys can help me in choosing this , i would be very happy Thanks AK