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  1. vitara to india?

    It absolutely makes sense to get this car here. But MSIL should price it sensibly. The Vitara will be a sensible product now if offered between 11-17 lacs OTR. If they try to portray this as a premium offering beyond the Creta, this is going to be a stillborn product. I wish they still bring back the Kizashi as a premium offering yet again. The earlier Vitara was also a very competitive offering but the time was not ripe for a product of that class. The SX4 was the car that was able to break the barriers of the Indian audience accepting a 10 lac Maruti and the Ciaz did it well too.
  2. I agree, Sachtech. Dashcams have become a need more than a fancy gadget to make road trip movies later. They help in event of an accident, altercation with traffic police or even during the overnight parking. For me, the must have accessories on the car include the following in no particular order: Reverse assist - I prefer the audio audio aid rather than the camera. Camera tends to get dirty/scratchy and you have to change your rear view mirror too to a HUGE one/ungainly design. Floor Lamination - I got this done to help keep the interiors clean. It is easy to clean and also makes it spill-proof if you have a kid. Good quality leatherette seat covers (if your car comes with fabric seats) - not the typical cushion covers types. These are snug fit to the seat contours and last the life of the vehicle. Come a bit expensive.. but totally worth it. Good speakers - not everyone is an audiophile. But sometimes, the music system you get is crap. May want to look at changing speakers. We feel it does not matter at first, but listening to good music on long drives or even on office commutes is so relaxing. Add better coaxial and component speakers if not amplifiers and bass tubes. And they don't cost a bomb either. 5-6k should get you decent components from JBL/Sony/Pioneers/Rock etc. Good 3D floor mats - seems like an expense, but they help keep the interiors very clean. The tray type design also help keep the dust/mud/pebbles in place while you pull it out for a wash. Scuff Plates & 3M PPF wraps around the scuff areas - it does help have a scuff plate to avoid the heel brushes while getting in an out. A white/silver color won't show that much but a darker color would. Better Lights - In this age where LEDs and HIDs have gone cheap, our car manufacturers still provide us halogens. While it might be okay for occasional night driving, better lighting helps reduce stress when driving in the night. Switch to the Philips Xtreme vision or the Osram Nightbreakers at least. It makes whole lot of a difference. You may have noticed, none of the above accessories add a bling to your car. But these are more towards your safety and your car's safety. The speakers are to keep us entertained in our journey
  3. I had tried using the relay on my Swift. Used it for 8 full years and had to change the 100/90 Philips bulbs only once in those 8 years. But, I had a problem with the relay once and had to change that due to a stupid car wash guy who blasted the engine bay with a spray. It might have shorted something. But, my experience using Rally spec bulbs was satisfactory. With average night usage, the reflectors were showing signs of burning out. With my Fiesta and i10, I've switched to the Philips Xtreme vision and Osram Nightbreaker Laser respectively. The Osram is better compared to the Xtremevision and they do a decent job on the highways. For these set of cars, I decided not to introduce any new wiring harnesses and direct currents from the battery and avoided the relays totally. If you have a double barrel headlamp, just change all bulbs to Osram or Philips higher ends and you should be satisfied.
  4. Jeep plans in India

    For one, I hope at least one manufacturer stays away from the sub-4 meter SUV segment. Jeep is a heritage line-up and the design and length should not be altered for any India specific law. Hyundai was doing a good job so far keeping out but seems the money that manufacturers make by selling a sub-4 meter car in India far outclasses the profits made on higher segments, partly because of the numbers it sells too. The Renegade should come in the same size and engine options sold internationally. Anything apart from the Renegade and Compass is far too pricey. It just gets into the elite 3 and Volvo category.
  5. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) vs Honda Amaze VX [Petrol]

    My vote would go for the i20 here. Amaze is a pretentious sedan and ideally should have no place in the market. But crazy Indian laws and greedy manufacturers... Anyway. The i20 top variant has 6 airbags, looks much better than the Amaze and also has the best interiors. Trust me, that touch control AC is more of a tedious task when trying to use it while driving. Engine is refined too and you won't feel sad or cheated if you choose to pass on the Amaze. I'd say, do a comparison between the i20 and the Jazz. That would be healthy.
  6. Hello All, I had asked fellow members on the AAA forum when I decided to buy a new car. I had already narrowed down to the Ford Classic, but wanted to understand the views of others on this decision. Had TD'd Linea too and to be honest, these were the only 2 cars I had shortlisted. After a month long turmoil, I finally decided to go for the Ford Classic owing to too many factors. I would like to thank the numerous friends who joined the discussion to help me with my decision. RSSH, Kdar90, Monoclonal, Dr Nishu, LeoRahi and SachinS.. I hope I listed all.. Cost of ownership - 8.58 lacs for the top trim. Safety features it comes with Compact dimensions - not too bulgy like the Linea - I want to be able to take this out daily Fun to drive Frugal maintenance More Kms to the liter. I test drove the Ford like 4 times before finalizing it. Once just in the city at ambling speeds, once with my wife, once just to make sure this is the car I wanted and once for my dad - he wanted to see the comfort on the rear seat. Booked one on May 2, Akshay Tritiya - a Moondust (whatever) Silver. Booking Amount - 10,000/- Down Payment - 2,00,000/- (incl the booking amount) Loan Amount - 6,58,000/- (from SBI @ 10.95% - no prepayment penalty) On Road Price Pune - 8,84,000/- (incl. 3rd yr extended warranty, Zero Dep Ins and RTO taxes) Discount offered - Corporate Discount - 16,500/- Cash Discount - 10,000/- Final On Road Price - 8.58,000/- Got the VIN today and turns out I get a April 2014 manufactured car!! Not bad at all... I read through the "want to know when your car was made" section to find that out. Quite a helpful thread there... The loan will be sanctioned in a couple of days but it turns out that I will have to visit the SBI branch to complete a few formalities there... ridiculous to me since the other banks do it right there at the dealership. Nevertheless, its SBI.. plus, i get a lower rate of interest there with no prepayment penalty. Hope to have the car home some time next week... More updates to follow...
  7. I totally stand by it. The sub-4 meter sedans are all pretentious (wannabe) 3 box cars. Their B2 segment counterparts are far more superior to them. Case in point Xcent to i20, Amaze to Jazz. The Dzire outclasses the Baleno in almost all aspects. But I still do not give in to the sub-4 meter sedan here. My only next upgrade would have been the Jetta/Octavia or given that I do end up scraping the car with a load full, a crossover or maybe the Jeep Compass kind of a vehicle. I'll still stick to a 5 seater. The Japanese/Koreans are no match to the solid builds and ageless designs. The Jetta still does not feel outdated, neither does the Vento or even the Rapid (newer one). The Honda City has become one tin can.. the build quality and sheet metal being no better than the Ciaz's. Jeep Compass and any car that I actually liked are all beyond 20 lacs and that's a huge sum to pledge for a car, at least at this point for me. I see a lateral upgrade to be they way ahead.. trying to find a used one would be difficult but will give me a chance to get more for a C2 sedan's money.
  8. Reviving this thread. Realized that I haven't updated this since the last 2 years. The Fiesta is doing just great. Update around this ^^ - It were the tires and not the brake pads. Got them changed at 36000 kms on the odo. The Goodyear GT3 are told to be notorious and go out of shape pretty soon. There was no warranty left on it by the time I realized they were bad. Have changed to Michelin XM2+ and the ride has changed drastically.. for the better. The vibrations are gone. It's like a new ride again. The car is so cost effective to maintain!! ~4.5k at max a year, this is cheaper than almost any new car. The launch of the Jeep Compass had me thinking but then I've decided to hold back on this for the life of the car. Another 3 years for sure. BTW, Year 2017, I did a road trip to Mysuru, Ooty and back to Pune. A total of 2400 kms in 9 days. I'll start writing a nice travelogue on that soon. The car was filled to the brim. Me, my wife, 2 ½ year old son, my sister and her husband & luggage for all of us. The Honda Amaze may have 420 ltr of boot space - similar to that of my car here. But it sure does not swallow that much amount of luggage that could fit in the Fiesta. On money spent other than maintenance, my Fiesta had a repainted front bumper recently. genuinely my fault. I halted at the parking at a mall when I had been to test drive the Jeep Compass. Talking on the phone with my wife who wasn't really happy with me at the Jeep showroom, I pulled the handbrake and let go of the clutch. Then BANG!!! The car was in first and as I let go the clutch, it jilted forward. I managed to brake it but it had touched the rough wall of the parking ahead of me. Most of the brunt was taken by the number plate. But the bumper also had a few dimples. No snaps of that actually. So I got it repainted. But apart from that, there have been no additional expenses other than regular oil and oil filter change. Such a lovely, no nonsense car really. It makes me wonder why the new age cars really run bills upwards 12-15k for regular yearly servicing. Average has been steady at 17-18 kmpl and the car has done mostly city runs so far. This is with 0 luggage and 2-3 on board. A tank-full generally runs for 750-800 kms and refills ~45 liters of diesel. A couple of recent Mahabaleshwar runs gave me ~20 kmpl because of the long open stretches. This figure with minimum 3 on board with their luggage.
  9. What car is this? This part is usually an engine protection cover. You shouldn't be really worried about it. Just ensure there aren't any leaks around the broken area. Get it replaced at a dealer only.
  10. Another update. I almost forgot to add this. A couple of months ago, I put in the RaceDynamics chip on this car. Gives me 2 performance modes along with Stock and Economy ones. Have never driven on Stock ever since Regular driving is in P1 mode which gives me a turbo boost right from around 1400 RPM. Makes the car much more driveable and fun too. P2 is just awesome on spirited expressway runs. This box cost me just Rs. 20,000. Installation was a bit tricky but the end result is far too satisfactory. Whoever has a Fiesta diesel should go for this tuning box. Did not face any issue during my service either as I put that into stock mode when I gave it there. Have a year of warranty left on the car.. so far so good.
  11. Again a long time no ownership update from me. I had decided to keep this as up-to-date as possible so sometime at a later stage, I can peek into this thread to see how the car gave me company A bit late, but here I am with another update... Like I mentioned, due to a job change a year and a half ago, my daily runs were just about 25 kms to-fro. Wasn't really doing justice to my decision of buying a diesel (Oh! the 1.6 petrol would have been so much fun to toss around!!!) But twist in the story here - my previous company offered me a better role and I'll be again looking at some gruesome traffic and a total of 50 kms to-fro. Considering the traffic, the diesel wins here. The new job starts July. So here's to "no-regrets-buying-a-diesel" Cheers! My 3rd service came in the month of Dec 2015 - cost me around Rs. 4200. Basic stuff - oil and oil filter change, diesel filter, air filter, AC filter, brakes bleeding and brake oil change etc. The oil takes the most ~2800 there. But okay considering its semi-synthetic. 4th service was just done a couple days ago. Although the car has clocked only 23000 kms, the service due was for 40,000 kms. The mandatory things to be done and my insistence on the brakes being weak took the bill to Rs. 5300 including the inspection charges of Rs. 800 for the brakes Too much money for just inspection and cleaning of drums etc. The result wasn't satisfactory at all. But I know the problem lies in the front disc pads. Ford has made their OE very hard to last longer and it grips too less as it starts getting worn out. Will change it to Bosch pads soon. Team-BHP is full of such information.. I so love it. Planning a trip to Goa next weekend. So the wiper blades are going to be new too. Already bought them off from Amazon at a steal deal of Rs. 320. The new disc pads should inspire on the long drive too. All in all, no mechanical issues raised by the car yet - touch wood. Although the AFSS team mentions to change the AC filter once in a year, I've found that changing it every 6 months is way better. You may attribute it to the fact that our surroundings are too dusty and that I always drive with AC on. The low kms that I did for the past 1 year have returned me an average of about 16-17 kmpl in the city. This should improve now since my daily runs are going to increase. Looking at the same 18-20 kmpl range I used to get a year and a half earlier. For now, looking forward to the Goa trip more than anything else. It should be lovely to drive there in rains. Happy motoring guys!! Drive safe.
  12. Hi Friends, Been a long time this topic was doing rounds in my mind and I finally thought of sharing it here and looking for a larger opinion. My Swift is almost going to be 8 years old now. It hasn't really started showing any age but that's the car my wife primarily uses. Now with the growing traffic in Pune and especially in Hinjewadi and city areas, driving a manual really is a painful thing. I test drove the Wagon R AMT a couple days ago and came out really impressed how an auto transmission can help keep your nerve in traffic. I'm a manual fan by heart any day but the convenience factor made me think hard on this option. I have a Fiesta to enjoy the drive anyway and going away with the Swift, which I seldom use, will not hurt me a lot. Now the confusion here is between the similarly sized and priced cars from Maruti stable - Wagon R and Celerio. Here is my comparison. This is the max amount I want to shell at this time. Otherwise the Polo TSI would have been booked by now. Main factors for choosing these 2 cars: Dimensions - need a compact sized car - my wife finds the Swift a little fat to manoeuvre in dense traffic. Auto gears - must (Alto isn't on this list because it would be a complete step down from the Swift) Decent space. Wagon R VXi - Rs. 5,67,609 OTR (discounts available) Advantages: Tall body - elders can get in/out fairly easily, good view of the road. Adjustable head restraints - Safety feature most are unaware of - I feel this is a must. VXi variant comes with a rear defogger and wash-wipe too. Disadvantages: Very boring looking center console Not enough space to even park your cell phone. Oddly placed 12V power socket. No Bluetooth No Steering mounted controls (the Stingray will get it but only as an option - still no bluetooth) Thin tires Celerio ZXi - Rs. 5,92,789 OTR (discounts available) Advantages: Passenger airbag as standard Well countoured rear seats Neat looking dash design Lock-unlock switch like the Swift (I don't know, but I feel it's convenient) Bluetooth pairing Steering mounted controls for audio as well as phone Rides on comparatively better tires Disadvantages: Very thin seats - integrated head restraints Hatch lock design is a complete eyesore Overall, the WagonR option pack will give me Airbags and ABS and cost a little over the Celerio ZXi AMT spec. Both cars are very closely priced and discounts offered are pretty similar too. I spoke to a few friends who recently bought a WagonR and they vouched for it. The confusing factor is mainly the dash design that I kinda liked on the Celerio but the seats are a complete disaster. There can't be best of two elsewhere, can it? I'm looking to get this deal done as soon as possible. All suggestions welcome
  13. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    Agree. but sometimes you don't buy the car because you need it. It is for pure pleasure and only because you can afford it. Ask me if i need this car - the answer is NO. Am I buying it for the heck of it - YES. It's mainly because this is the age I would buy such kind of car. I CAN buy it. The only time in the next few years I buy such a car would be for my son. I know this is going to cost me about 20k a month (EMI, Fuel & Servicing etc.) to keep this car. Which is a considerable amount of money. But it would give me a sense of satisfaction to have such a car to drive. Somewhere adds to your happiness quotient.
  14. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    @Hari, thats for the manual. The TSI comes with an automatic gear. So slotting into R/D is very easy. The car averages about 9-11 kmpl in city and could go well beyond 15 kmpl on highways. City average can go upto 13 if driven sedately. Coming to monthly spends, I wouldn't mind that amount since this is not the primary car. My daily ride is a Fiesta diesel. Gives me good average. The TSI will be mostly used over weekends or fun drives. I loved the dynamics of the car. It handles triple digits with easy. The pick-up and performance was just thrilling. I had decided to shift my focus to the Baleno and Jazz automatic. Baleno has a 28 week waiting! That's more than 7 months!.. does not make sense at all. Jazz goes terribly close to the Polo category and isn't fun to drive at all. Even with those paddle shifters. So in all, it boils down to the TSI again. Paying 10.35 lacs for a hot-hatch is a little undigested. It is a lot of money for the car you are getting. Now, not all know that the heart is different and about the super-slick gearbox. I think I might just bite the bullet and buy this car. I had booked one at 9.85 lacs and cancelled it. The price has now gone up by about 50k. But there are additional features like rain sensing wipers, auto-dimming IRVM and touch screen audio that I would get. Lets see. Too much confusion and the guilt feeling of a typical middle class mind creeps in with what-if questions like I could really use that money to clear off my house loan or I can really save up that amount and have great vacations each year etc. Will update as I fight this thought battle.
  15. Tata Tiago - Hitting the right notes

    Saw this on the roads a few times and it definitely is a head turner. You don't mistake this for some other car easily. "Cute" or "Nice" are the words you say unknowingly. It's dimensions are definitely around Celerio but it has much better road presence. I would like to test drive it to know how it really works. What is weird though that they have made a new revotron 3 cyl 1.2 engine when they had a 4 cyl one in the Bolt. Team BHP reviews are very average for the petrol unit but okay-good for the diesel.
  16. Skoda Rapid Facelift - The Game Changer for Skoda India

    A bit of a sad news here. The new Skoda Rapid in India is not going to look anywhere close to the snaps here. These snaps are from the European facelift. The Indian model only gets subtle changes. A few spy shots on this link from Team BHP can give an idea. The rear remains mostly unchanged with only a new cluster tail lamp. The head lamps may get some additional chrome treatment. Sheet metal mostly remains unchanged.
  17. Tata Tiago - Hitting the right notes

    Tata has to get everything right with this car. Their design and production team have delivered a good car. Now up to the sales and marketing team to sell it well and the after sales team to keep up with the changed image. Very less seems to be happening around the after sales issues. Car not being looked after well, shoddy job of changing oil and filters, customer issues not being addressed are very common comments I hear from friends who have Tata cars. Most have shifted to known local mechanics to get the job done. Tata should try to target this area as an immediate improvement area and ensure that there is an image uplift here. Tiago definitely seems to be a good car. But it is the after sales that can script the story for good or worse now.
  18. Skoda Rapid Facelift - The Game Changer for Skoda India

    This would be the same DSG in VWs correct? I was actually planning to save up for the Polo TSI. Although I haven't come across articles where problems specific to DSG are discussed, I know it is overall a very difficult brand to maintain. Both Skoda and VW. I test drove the Polo TSI and was absolutely in love with the car. The way it drove, gathered speed, braked and esp. how it behaved in the S mode. Any insights? It may help me make a firm decision.
  19. Acessories for S Cross 1.3 Sigma

    @anirudh Just ensure that you do not accelerate or decelerate suddenly and try keeping the speed below 80 kmph. A new diesel engine would make the turbo even more fun but try avoiding that. Upshift around 2000 RPM (of course consider the terrain) and that should be okay for your car to get safely to Sagar.
  20. Skoda Rapid Facelift - The Game Changer for Skoda India

    Completely agree with Durango here. When I was in the market for a second dlesel sedan, there was an edition of Rapid retailing for 8.99 with all features I was looking for. ABS, Airbags and a fuel efficient diesel engine. Did I go for it - NO. The only reason being the scary after sales service and exorbitant costs of maintenance. One of my relatives sold his Skoda Octavia about 4 yrs ago (it was only about 3-4 yrs old then) only because of the service experiences. They were becoming a very costly affair with numerous problems cropping up every now and then. And mind you, this is for a well kept, serviced within the intervals car. He switched to a Honda City and is very happy with the purchase now.
  21. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    Hi Monoclonal, sorry for the disappointment. I test drive the Figo a few days ago and I found it to be extremely pathetic (I may be exaggerating a bit here) for what you get for a good 8.58 lacs on road. I would absolutely not put my money for a car that steeply priced and the kind of plastic and build quality you get. Ford's cost cutting measures are pretty evident. To start with, the door panels get sucked in as you close the window... and pump out a bit when you roll the window down.. this does not even happen on my Swift. No soft cushions on the doorpads, the stalks are definitely of cheap quality. In fact, my Fiesta Classic is a way better built car that way! The aesthetics are sure better than my Fiesta, I agree. But overall, the drive was not that engaging. There was quite a bit of delay to change gears in the D mode and it was quite sluggish. For a car that had only 243 kms on the odo, it felt an absolute let down. Doors did not close with that solid thunk that we know of Fords. I felt pretty sad actually after experiencing what that car drove like and I was able to give a solid answer on my consideration towards the car. A solid NO. There is no other car that comes as close to the TSI in terms of the smoothness of the ride and gears. A lot expensive than any on offer, but I think its absolutely worth it. I will also consider the Jazz now since that's the only car otherwise I would say I would consider. But reading a lot of first reviews and people experiences here and on T-BHP in terms of the flimsy build quality and thin steels etc., I don't know if I would be able to give it an unbiased look.
  22. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    Yes Sachin. If I go for a VW, I will be going in for the extended warranty for sure. Will be test driving the Figo automatic today. Would be a couple lacs cheaper and their guarantee of 10 yrs on their gear box makes things interesting. It is also a couple lacs cheaper than the VW. Wouldn't mind looking at it if there are discounts running which might make it a sweeter deal. TSI is more for the heart. Figo may be a sensible one to look at. Lets see.
  23. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    I will Sachin, Monoclonal. But I don't completely agree with regards to uncertainty of the brand altogether. I agree, they don't have the best of AFSS; but I've known people with good testaments. Of course, the service costs are going to be a bit higher than what we are used to, but I don't see why one should not try a good product. The engine and the gearbox are a gem together. Not sure if I can get a similar thing out of a Maruti or a Honda. Jazz has become flimsy.. probably even matching Maruti's build quality lately. Ironically, Marutis squeak a lot less than they originally used to.. Unless, the Baleno comes with the 1.0 turbo petrol with an autobox. Unlikely, me thinks.
  24. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    Thanks for all your inputs friends. I took the test drive of the Polo TSI and was absolutely smitten by the car. Only thing is, the budget does not permit me to commit to this car at this time. Also, I took a long look at the Swift standing in my garage. There is no other car than the Polo TSI which can take its place. The WagonR and Celerio will be a complete step down from what I have right now. And I feel if I'm to change cars it should only be an upgrade. So, putting off the thought to buy a new car at this point. Will wait for a while to build up a little corpus to buy the TSI. Or maybe any other car worthy to be considered during the time I enter the market again.
  25. Wagon R AMT or Celerio AMT?

    I wouldn't mind giving it a look, Sachin. But I'm not sure why these companies decide to equip either the diesel or petrol models with AMT and not both. Typical case with the Swift Dzire to give AMT only on the ZDi variant. Now come on, your Alto, Celerio and WagonR have the same AMT actuators!! Similar case with the Zest. They have an AMT on the diesel but not on Petrol.. and moreover no AMT on the Bolt. I would have seriously had another car to consider here if the Bolt was equipped with one. Anyway, I'm really not happy with either the WagonR or the Celerio in terms of what they offer for the money. Might just have to consider increasing my budget to get a better car, it seems.