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    neerajd got a reaction from VET5 in vitara to india?   
    It absolutely makes sense to get this car here. But MSIL should price it sensibly.
    The Vitara will be a sensible product now if offered between 11-17 lacs OTR. 
    If they try to portray this as a premium offering beyond the Creta, this is going to be a stillborn product.
    I wish they still bring back the Kizashi as a premium offering yet again. The earlier Vitara was also a very competitive offering but the time was not ripe for a product of that class. The SX4 was the car that was able to break the barriers of the Indian audience accepting a 10 lac Maruti and the Ciaz did it well too.
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    neerajd got a reaction from VET5 in Ownership Review: Ford Classic 2014 - Moondust Silver   
    Reviving this thread. Realized that I haven't updated this since the last 2 years.
    The Fiesta is doing just great. 
    Update around this ^^ - It were the tires and not the brake pads. Got them changed at 36000 kms on the odo. The Goodyear GT3 are told to be notorious and go out of shape pretty soon. There was no warranty left on it by the time I realized they were bad.
    Have changed to Michelin XM2+ and the ride has changed drastically.. for the better. The vibrations are gone. It's like a new ride again.
    The car is so cost effective to maintain!! ~4.5k at max a year, this is cheaper than almost any new car.
    The launch of the Jeep Compass had me thinking but then I've decided to hold back on this for the life of the car. Another 3 years for sure.
    BTW, Year 2017, I did a road trip to Mysuru, Ooty and back to Pune. A total of 2400 kms in 9 days. I'll start writing a nice travelogue on that soon. 
    The car was filled to the brim. Me, my wife, 2 ½ year old son, my sister and her husband & luggage for all of us.
    The Honda Amaze may have 420 ltr of boot space - similar to that of my car here. But it sure does not swallow that much amount of luggage that could fit in the Fiesta.
    On money spent other than maintenance, my Fiesta had a repainted front bumper recently. genuinely my fault. I halted at the parking at a mall when I had been to test drive the Jeep Compass. Talking on the phone with my wife who wasn't really happy with me at the Jeep showroom, I pulled the handbrake and let go of the clutch. Then BANG!!! 
    The car was in first and as I let go the clutch, it jilted forward. I managed to brake it but it had touched the rough wall of the parking ahead of me. Most of the brunt was taken by the number plate. But the bumper also had a few dimples. No snaps of that actually.
    So I got it repainted. But apart from that, there have been no additional expenses other than regular oil and oil filter change.
    Such a lovely, no nonsense car really. It makes me wonder why the new age cars really run bills upwards 12-15k for regular yearly servicing. 
    Average has been steady at 17-18 kmpl and the car has done mostly city runs so far. This is with 0 luggage and 2-3 on board.
    A tank-full generally runs for 750-800 kms and refills ~45 liters of diesel.
     A couple of recent Mahabaleshwar runs gave me ~20 kmpl because of the long open stretches. This figure with minimum 3 on board with their luggage.
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    neerajd got a reaction from arush009 in Pics: 2014 Suzuki Swift facelift leaked accidently   
    Seriously! Nothing new here..
    The interiors of the Auto variant were quite nice... paddle shifters will be interesting to be seen on this model. But this engine should be at least the one from Ertiga. The 1.2 auto will not make any sense unless maruti adds a turbo to it - ala Polo TSI.
    Just changing the alloy wheel design, adding DRLs and changing seat fabric IS NOT A FACE LIFT.
    I'd rather like to see a 90 bhp VGT borrowed from the SX4 and a 1.4 from Ertiga into their sports model... its high time that a Swift comes with that.
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    neerajd got a reaction from Rudra in Ford Classic - Or should I consider any other car?   
    Hello Friends,
    Finally, I'm on the lookout of another car!
    I still plan to keep my Swift which has served me very well since the past 6.5 yrs (done 73k on it - no issues)
    I'm on a budget here and dont want to spend more than 8.5 lacs *on road.
    I've zeroed on the Ford Classic Titanium diesel which fits my bill to a good extent.
    Its a proper 3 box, comes with all the safety features but misses heavily on a few good to have features like the steering mounted controls and climatronic AC which are on offer on the sub-4 meter so-called sedans these days. Not a showstopper for me...
    I'd like your opinion here - whether to go ahead and get the Classic or look for any other car in the same price bracket?
    I'm actually done with the hatch and would like to have a sedan now..
    My Use: Primarily to be used as a daily commute to office (40-50 kms daily), wknd trips and a few long drives.
    Concerned about:
    1. Low on power (68 bhp no turbo) thats what i read online.
    2. Boot space only 430 lts - The Hyundai Xcent comes with a 407!
    3. Aged now..
    Also, I'd like to know if you still get these alloys as an option...

    i dont like the current ones on offer.

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    neerajd got a reaction from ovefCragree in ACI Review: Chevrolet Sail Sedan   
    Side profile looks Vento-ish.. Overall the car's design is good. But it will surely fail in fit and finish and the quality of materials used.
    The earlier Aveo was definitely leaps ahead in terms of quality. Don't know why suddenly this has turned around with Chevy.
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    neerajd got a reaction from ojofeimeye in Trip to Matheran   
    Hey guys,
    I'm planning to drive down to Matheran during a weekend in December.
    Its going to be a 120 odd kms drive and I'll be hitting the expressway after a very long time. Quite excited actually.
    I did have a few questions here and would appreciate if you could address them.
    The last point where you can take your vehicles is Dasturi Naka. Quite an open park and you're expected to park your car midst trees. I've also read on a website that monkeys often tend to damage your car (scratching, denting the roof, going away with the mirrors etc.) This has made me quite skeptical to take my car up to Dasturi.

    Is it safe to park your car at Dasturi?
    Has anyone experienced any of what I mentioned here?

    Thats about the drive and safety.

    Now, I also see that there are as many number of points to visit on Matheran as Mahabaleshwar.
    How many of these are "really" worth visiting?
    Activities that one may suggest for a winter visit?

    I will be staying at Matheran for a couple of nights. Looking to spend some good leisure time there.
    All responses/suggestions appreciated []
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    neerajd got a reaction from motorj3di in Spied: New Ford Fiesta hatch in New Delhi   
    Looks amazingly beautiful with its boot chopped off!! And thats the way it was supposed to be all this while.
    I'm pretty sure Ford would look at a launch after the Ecosport if not along with it.
    1.4 TDCi and if this gets the new 1.0 turbo petrol.. nothing like it. And maybe a sports edition with the Fiesta sedan petrol and diesel engines - I know, expecting too many power options here.. but thats what will sell..
    I too agree with AMG1 that the Chevy SRV and the Ford Fusion came in to our markets way before time. Had the Fusion been launched at this time, it would have sold very decently, esp with its 1.4 diesel.