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  1. Guys !! I want your expertized reviews and ratings on the Apache RTR 180 !!! Thanks in Advance !!!
  2. no man !! not yet !! i Have given a count down myself and also to the dealer till this Nov,1st . Anyway i ain't going for GS man !! One of my friend owns one and his review was pretty bad. And too about the service was also bad enough. I had finally taken some decisions.. I'll ride my CD100 ('93) for now till this Nov 1st and if i don't get Honda I will be getting an F Z S.. No changes again guys... I had finally taken this decision.
  3. Heyy Bala !! is there a price variation for the FZS ???
  4. Is the K&N filter suitable with the Enfield Bikes ??? How much has the performance increased,if anyone has added it up with the Enfield bikes ?
  5. ENFIELD Thunder Bird-Twin spark > ? Bullet Machismo(350) > ? Bullet Electra 5s > ? Bullet 350 > ? Yamaha Fazer (normal edition) > ? FZ-16(normal edition) > ? Need to know the price ranges.Doesn't matter what the on-road prices are.
  6. hhmm !!! In my wish list !!! But no use since am waiting for another one !!! lolzz !!!
  7. REVIEW OF THE GS150: Well !! I test ride the GS150R today !!! The engine seems to be smooth as done with Unicorn!!! Gadget seems to be cool !!! Problem seems to be with the weight !! [>Uni] Height too seems to be a bit problem too !!![=> Uni] Gear Shift = Smooth Pick up = Seems good but [<Uni] !! Is there a problem with that guys ??? I think its better with an avg. pickup since it helps out with top speeds !! [correct me if i am wrong].. then what else,the tail lamp seems to be cool too !!! Q:Does the gain of weight danger enough,that if it fall to any side does that affect the body mainly the tank ?? Service Warranty : 3 yrs !!! [Covers full bike body replacement b\w 3 years] Current offer till end of the next week : Offer worth 2000 INR !!! 500 INR worth petrol + 1500 INR in cash !!! Earlier the offer amount was 5000 INR !!!!
  8. The problem is that am counting on the days about when i am gonna get the Unicorn that i had already booked.Now its being 38days and still adding up !!! At least the no. of days has to cross 60-70 when there will be at least a ray of hope to get my bike... Now,what am afraid of is that whether i may change my mind to the above said bike, the 150gs !!! Gash!! i had enough of the waiting !!!
  9. Friends !!! Help me out guys !! I am in a serious confusion with the HONDA UNICORN which i already had booked and the GS150 from COLOR=blue]SUZUKI!!! I want to know about the performance and other features about the GS !!! Since its SUZUKI is it reliable ??? And what about the rate ??? Please fasten to your comments friends !!! Am serious !!!
  10. ? my budget is ~60k.. dude !! u cant get the Stunner V2 for that cash man !! its nearly costs about 73k's on road !!! please correct me if i am wrong !!! And also the main author of this topic said that he has a budget of about 55k if i am rite !!!