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  1. I have resorted to such forums after a good 15 months of agony with Skoda. Have sent mails all the way to Aurgangabad as well their Czech head quarters. My intentions are not to harm a brand. I sent legal notice to Skoda in Dec 2008, where they assured to get the car "checked thoroughly" - though they never acknowledged my complaint. Subsequently, as the car continued to give trouble, i resorted to Consumer Court in March 09. Complaint Case No. 160 of 2009, Before the District Consumer Redressal Forum, South II, Qutub Insitutional Area, New Delhi. It is not a 5 page misery, but 42 pages of continued problems. Car has been sent to the workshop over 16 times in these last 15 months. Issues like "wrong alignment" of wheels resulting in total loss of both front tyres in barely 1000 kms of driving, failure of Tyre Pressure Monitoring sensors, Clutch plate failure, Coolant warning lights resulting in some "fans / parts" being changed...the list is endless. i would love to give you exact details, give me your email, else the forum might get choked !!!
  2. Without Prejudice 1. SKODA has failed to repair the vehicle in over 15 months despite the vehicle been sent to the workshop on approx. 16 occasions. 2. That I had to bear loss of 2 tyres as a direct consequence of poor-repair work during this period, ie. Rs. 9181 x 2 = Rs. 18, 362. One tyre was subsequently replaced by Skoda 3. That I have not been able to use the vehicle for these 15 months due to constant problems, incurring a loss of Rs.28,525 X 15 months = Rs. 4,27,875 towards my EMI's. 4. That I have to undergo tremendous mental trauma owning to failure of the car. Incidences like the car engine emitting smoke / fumes in the middle of the road, car being sent to workshop repeatedly for the same problem, car being advertised as