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  1. Hello all, Today i booked my Ford Fiesta 1.6 zxi sea grey colour I have an AT S civic,but my back was creating problems,and i decided to get another high seating car.I td a few cars.only petrol cars Initially i was confused between hatch and sedan,and then i decided for a sedan because !) we already have an i10 2)the driving and siting comfort is better in a sedan(bounce is less) Fabia- very comfortable car,good seating position,ingress and out is good.has airbags and all safety features,but then i was hesitant to go to a skoda,but now their sales are improved,they might provide cheaper parts.And an old engine.about Rs 6 l on road I20 -a little low seating,suspension not enough,not enough power.and hyundai cars not so good in mileage.but it is a complete car with all safety features. 6.16 L on road Jazz-it does not have height adjustment in driver seat,visibility is a tad less in the front.this car has all features,and inside space is so much manuerable.we could take our kids cycle for repair.engine is good,but i felt the power not enough.frequent gear shifting maybe required.drive and suspension is good. 7.5 L on road Punto-not happy with seating Ritz-good and sweet ,noiseless engine,nice to drive,but a little bouncy about 5L on road Linea- slightly bigger car,but not happy with the power.being driving a civic,i wanted a car which will pull you,rather than we push about 8L on road Manza- excellent seating position,driver seat has lumbar support.back seating is great.family loved this car.but i wish this was more powerful.driving is wonderful,but this car rolls a bit.And with airbags,only 6.4L on road.VFM City- very good seating,powerful car,futuristic design(but my taste differed)driving is fun,we would love it.about 9 L on road.but since i am a guy who keeps changing cars ( i have previously owned corsas,then old city,then a civic,i decided the bigger car you own and then try to sell it,we would get less resale value Sx4-didn't like the looks and they didn't have a TD car,said he would bring it home to try,but he never did ! Fiesta-a powerful car,nice seating comfort,but wish had more thigh support.didn't want a leather seat model,because it heats up the car,and also gives a distinct nauseating feel for the family(even in bigger cars too). They were giving big( discount,just imagine a good sedan,which has b about tyrseen here for about 5 yrs,and the model i choose is 6.5 L on road only.Fiesta is fun to drive,and back seats are in comfortable position.powerful car ( i need that since i am so used to Civic).And a car like this only 4.9 turning radius.in the long run,it is so helpful .now i am not in a hurry,i got to sell my civic.any car enthusiast would vouch for this' this model has no airbags,so sad. the wheels are ordinary ones,since there is no ABS/alloy wheels.i would love a car with good road grip. so i am thinking of an alloy wheels.which size should i go for?14 or 15" and what about tyres? (they proyide MRF tyries)