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  1. Hello all, Today i booked my Ford Fiesta 1.6 zxi sea grey colour I have an AT S civic,but my back was creating problems,and i decided to get another high seating car.I td a few cars.only petrol cars Initially i was confused between hatch and sedan,and then i decided for a sedan because !) we already have an i10 2)the driving and siting comfort is better in a sedan(bounce is less) Fabia- very comfortable car,good seating position,ingress and out is good.has airbags and all safety features,but then i was hesitant to go to a skoda,but now their sales are improved,they might provide cheaper parts.And an old engine.about Rs 6 l on road I20 -a little low seating,suspension not enough,not enough power.and hyundai cars not so good in mileage.but it is a complete car with all safety features. 6.16 L on road Jazz-it does not have height adjustment in driver seat,visibility is a tad less in the front.this car has all features,and inside space is so much manuerable.we could take our kids cycle for repair.engine is good,but i felt the power not enough.frequent gear shifting maybe required.drive and suspension is good. 7.5 L on road Punto-not happy with seating Ritz-good and sweet ,noiseless engine,nice to drive,but a little bouncy about 5L on road Linea- slightly bigger car,but not happy with the power.being driving a civic,i wanted a car which will pull you,rather than we push about 8L on road Manza- excellent seating position,driver seat has lumbar support.back seating is great.family loved this car.but i wish this was more powerful.driving is wonderful,but this car rolls a bit.And with airbags,only 6.4L on road.VFM City- very good seating,powerful car,futuristic design(but my taste differed)driving is fun,we would love it.about 9 L on road.but since i am a guy who keeps changing cars ( i have previously owned corsas,then old city,then a civic,i decided the bigger car you own and then try to sell it,we would get less resale value Sx4-didn't like the looks and they didn't have a TD car,said he would bring it home to try,but he never did ! Fiesta-a powerful car,nice seating comfort,but wish had more thigh support.didn't want a leather seat model,because it heats up the car,and also gives a distinct nauseating feel for the family(even in bigger cars too). They were giving big( discount,just imagine a good sedan,which has b about tyrseen here for about 5 yrs,and the model i choose is 6.5 L on road only.Fiesta is fun to drive,and back seats are in comfortable position.powerful car ( i need that since i am so used to Civic).And a car like this only 4.9 turning radius.in the long run,it is so helpful .now i am not in a hurry,i got to sell my civic.any car enthusiast would vouch for this' this model has no airbags,so sad. the wheels are ordinary ones,since there is no ABS/alloy wheels.i would love a car with good road grip. so i am thinking of an alloy wheels.which size should i go for?14 or 15" and what about tyres? (they proyide MRF tyries)
  2. Hello Guys, Thanks so much for all the suggestions.I am still hesitant on selling the civic.I have asked for a Jazz TD.maybe i would wait for 2 more months and probably get a 2010 model. Thanks again
  3. Yes,rightly said so,we start rethinking on our requirements.Only yesterday i posted one topic,Fabia/Punto/Jazz .I am thinking of selling my civic AT and buying one of these,taking into consideration of geting in and out of the car,low seating(back strain) and added to that the city traffic and parking problems.Hatchbacks are easy to handle,have good or equivalent safety features and enough luggage space too.Somedays i prefer taking the i10 than the civic !
  4. Hello all, I am having a civic AT,and the car is excellent.but age is catching up with me and having back problems.Civic is low seating.i find a little hard getting in and out,but mind you,once inside the car is a beauty,and you would never think of anything else.But because of the strain and i drive mostly within the city,i am thinking of going for a higher seated petrol hatch.my choice lies between Fabia/Punto/jazz.Please help me. Fabia-good car but bad dealership Punto-new one,but poor interior,and power? Jazz-no much reviews about it Ramesh
  5. Hello all, I bought an i10 about an year back.it was giving reasonable mileage for the first few months.but now it is giving only 8km/ltr. I got it checked by them,and they claim it is giving 16 kms/ltr in their test drive condition.I also have a civic and it gives more mileage than this.I am now wondering how to proceed further,how to contact seniour personnel in Hyundai.The service guys here have the audacity to tell me that it is my driving!Before buying this car,i was using a santro for many years.Does anyone else have mileage problem in i10?