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  1. I go to service statn and they hook laptop. No errors and issues. some creepy delpi guy said everything normal and no issues. driving is not ideal.. why.. i am not lugging the engine. the rpm is appox 1900 @45kmph inthrid gear.. is this bad ? I will ask to replace ecu to check if any help thanks for all ur replies.
  2. My 2.2 has done 3000kms till now. A major grouse i am feeling is that driving the 2.2 in third gear @40kmph and 60-70 @ fourth gear(cruising) gives bucks and jerks" It will buck and jerk forward, as if I were pushing in the clutch and then dumping it. This is even evident when its decelerating. It makes jhan jhan sound from engine when the jerks happen Would appreciate expert comments on this. CYRUS432009-09-10 13:11:40