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  1. Thanks prancing horse. I am bit worried about laura's rear space and A.S.S. Is laura's rear bench spacious enough? We are a family of 6 ft tall. And also heard that laura's rear bench is too upright and uncomfortable. Have u personally faced such problems? Please quote...
  2. I am lot confused which would be a better car ; laura dsg or the jetta dsg Main concerns being space, handling, and ride. I also would emphasise that i ll be retaining the car for atleast 5 years.
  3. I am looking for a diesel automatic sedan in the range of 18 to 23 lakh. I have narrowed it down to either laura elegance AT or jetta highline AT. PLease give me a clear idea which one will be a better choice. I would keep the car for atleast 5 years. It should be spacious as we are a family of tall individuals around 6 ft. And i am a driving enthusiast so handling matters a lot.